Didn't End Well, But For A Different Reason

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, Dec 11, 2011.

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    I was sitting in the den and I hear difficult child walk into the bathroom and close the door. husband says to him "difficult child, why did you bring the cat into the bathroom? Open the door and let him out. Now!" difficult child, of course, says that he didn't bring the cat into the bathroom, as the cat walks out of the bathroom and hides under the dining room table. husband says that he saw him pick up the cat and bring him into the bathroom and that he's not stuid. difficult child, again, says that he did not bring the cat into the bathroom and that he does not think that husband is stupid. husband completely lost it. Screaming and yelling at difficult child about how he's sick of difficult child always lying to us and pleading innocence. It's true, too. difficult child lies all of the time, but that does not excuse husband's response. Anyway, so then difficult child starts yelling back at husband. "You can't yell at me for no reason." "You're always trying to get me into trouble." The more difficult child yelled, the angier that husband became. Then difficult child started cursing, calling husband every name in the book. By now, he's crying, easy child is crying, I'm close to crying. husband picked difficult child up and put him in his room. I went to check on easy child, who was visibly upset about all of it. When I came out of easy child's room difficult child started yelling at me that husband tried to take his video games away and I told him that maybe, just maybe, he should not have called his father every name in the book and he should not have lied to him. Of course, it's not his fault.

    Seriously, I am so sick of this crap. I just want to have a quiet weekend for a change.
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    Hugs, Bunny. I'm sorry that your week-end is filled with this chaos. We're having issues at this moment as well. Was husband afraid that difficult child would hurt the cat? Daughter got really aggressive on zoloft, how long has difficult child been on it?
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    (((hugs bunny)))

    wish we had a big time out room we could throw them all in and let them work it out together. We have had two meltdowns today.... HE wants me to go NOW to get him a SANTA hat?? HUH??? he hadn't eaten his breakfast and went nuts. over THAT??? The "crazy" lying..... the stuff that is so obvious??? in my humble opinion, just not worth confronting because it will always be a power struggle and end up in a fight. They know they lied, they just need to save face and they always need a way out. Later, when difficult child is calm, that is when I review things. Sometimes we go through a time line/cause effect line to show the order of events, or else it is all because "you got mad...." not that he did something that made me feel angry. It is crazy making sometimes.

    I feel for you. AND your cat. At least he let him out.
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    ThreeShadows, he's been on the Zoloft since the summer, so I don't think it's that. He got caught lying and refused to admit it, so all h*ll has to break loose.

    After he calmed down husband went to talk to him and told him that all he had to say was, "Yes, I brought the cat into the bathroom" and let him out. difficult child says that he lied about it because he thought that he would get into trouble for it. So, difficult child apologized to husband for lying and cursing like he did, and husband apologized for loosing his temper.

    At least we now have some peace.
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    my question is why was he bringing the cat in the bathroom? i would not be okay with difficult child taking my cat into the bathroom but he has done 'something' to the cat twice that i know of. what the something was, i have no clue but he ended up covered in claw marks and i came to the rescue when i heard the cat shreiking. acording to difficult child he was not touching the cat, it just attacked him.. yeah. right.
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    Hope he is not doing it to hurt the cat, I assume that husband would not have been upset though unless that was a possibility. I used to bring my dog into the bathroom because it was the only room that locked and if I was sad, I would cuddle and cry with him (as a kid). But if MY son took a pet into the bathroom, I would be suspicious of something else, a haircut?? I don't know, hopefully nothing mean. hope your cat has claws
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    Honestly, I would not trust him either and if I had seen him take the cat into the bathroom I would have told him the same thing. What he was going to do in there with the cat? I don't know. He's not mean to the cat, but he's always all over him, Know what I mean?? Always has to hug the cat and give him kisses. There are times when Tiger does not mind his attention and then there are times when the cat goes to bite him. Of course, when the cat does that he can't understand why. Could it be because you were squeezing his stomach while you were "hugging" him?
  8. buddy

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    Oh Bunny can I relate to that... Q LOVED our cat (he died at age 19). He had never know life without kitty once he moved in with me. But while we were working on facial expressions etc. he really learned his stuff. He would get so "jealous" because the cat trusted and bonded to me more than him. He thought that the cat was angry when he-the cat-- would slowly close his eyes (trust for cats, I understand) but he looked at it like a person squinting their eyes and being mean. When he was little he put him in my dresser drawer and closed it. I didn't see him around for a while so asked and he told me, I opened it and the cat stayed there.... liked it. That was one amazing cat. One time he put him in the cold oven (didn't turn it on or anything....just opened the door and put him in there to hide him). Dumb cat liked it there too. I always wished he would bite Q or something. He would lie for hours and just pet his soft fur. He would "pat" him too hard (like he does with everyone to tell the truth, just doesn't register it can hurt) I never let him pick the cat up.... I had to watch im closely but mostly it was that he loved him too hard. when the cat died, it was the first time I really saw sad not mad tears from Q. That affected me deeply. (I really miss that cat he was my dogs best friend too and they slept at times face to face with their front paws around each other, so funny.)

    I wonder what story he would give for having the cat in there... probably not even good to put him in a place to lie though. UGGG, sorry.