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    to receive the first phone call of the year from school. Yesterday was his first day and by 10:15 I had the first call from school. difficult child was being uncooperative and refusing to show his schedule. The counselor (who is new to difficult child) thought my talking to him might help (I told her it might and it might not).

    I talked to difficult child and he seemed very calm. I asked if he was ready to start making better choices. He replied that he was. Then I asked what was bothering him and he replied nothing.

    In the middle of this difficult child's case manager (who knows difficult child really well) came on the phone. From the sounds of it she didn't make it sound like a big deal. Said he actually handled things pretty well.

    Guess that first phone call is out of the way.

    On a positive note his case manager called me the day before school started to see how his summer was and to ask if we had any concerns. I love this case manager!
  2. Chubbysanta

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    lol my son on his first day of school took about an hr and a half to get the first phone call then 20 min later to get his second then about 2 more hrs for his third lol i know its not funny but it is when i heard you got it as well! My son ran off school property when they got him back in he started running up and down the halls . Man i wish i had a case manager but the insurence i have wont let me.
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    Sounds like he had a rough first day. difficult child's case manager is his IEP manager, it doesn't cost anything. Once and iep is established, a Special Education teacher is assigned to a student's case to make sure the iep is followed through on.
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    Gosh, you've got me beat(en)--it took 2 wks for difficult child's teacher to call me. :)
    I am so sorry he did that on his first day. Sigh.
    But it was clearly handled very well.
    I'm glad you like his case mgr. That will really help throughout the yr.
    I hope tomorrow is better.
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    I'm thinking this particular phone call might be a good sign- it sounds more like they were trying to prevent this escalating to a major event by calling. Having a good CM can really go a long way. I think my son was 12 yo when he got more knowledgable people involved at school and he becamee willing to try better choices at sd and things really turned around for him there. I hope this is what is happening for your situation, Sharon- it really sounds like it could be! Have you gotten them to include soom good, positive reinforcers in the IEP?
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    Hey Sharon, I agree with klmno - perhaps this first call was to ward off an escalation or to see what mom's voice could accomplish. I know you probably cringed when that number showed up on your cell phone! You case manager sounds great - my difficult child's is pretty lame.

    Chubby, think you have us all beat here - that's a lot of calls in one day.

  7. Chubbysanta

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    Oh thats good i thought i would have to be his case manager or something was kinda worried about it.