Didn't want to hi-jack the GS cookie thread...

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by hearts and roses, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. hearts and roses

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    Here's a [not so] funny story about girl scout cookies...

    I had recently moved here and immediately set my easy child up in girl scouts as she had had her 'bridging' ceremony in our old state. I quickly became a self nominated co-leader to a troop of about 22 girls, just to help out at meetings. The leader seemed okay and together we did some fun things. Our troop sold over 1500 boxes of girl scout cookies - we had a lot of 'power moms' in our troop of girls. Anyway, on the night before the leader had to hand in all the girls order lists, we had a HUGE snow storm, the leader was apparently strung out on something (no one knew) and threw all the cookie lists out her car window as she drove off into the night! Every list was GONE, all 1500 boxes were set to be delivered and we hadn't a clue who they went to!

    I became leader, the supermoms gathered privately and removed their perfect dds' from my troop (I suppose I was guilty by association, I don't know) and created their own perfect little troop (I swear I am not bitter). I was left with about 15 girls (still a lot) Anyway, over the course of the next few weeks of reorganization and through meetings with our field rep, I discovered that our leader has a serious addiction problem and had squandered all the troop's money! All of it was gone, she even bounced checks all over town. The Council chose to keep it quiet to avoid bad press. Hahah. Well, the cookies arrived a few weeks later and I was able to incorporate the help of other moms to figure things out. Most moms recalled at least some of the people they sold to. Meanwhile, my living room was vacant as I still hadn't bought any furniture and along the main wall were stacked cases of cookies about 4' high and 6' wide and 1' out. A lot. Of. Cookies. I think our troop held about 7 or 8 cookies sales in front of all the local stores that year. It was a HUGE thing.

    How about that? I've been scarred by the experience.:whiteflag: Hahaha
  2. tiredmommy

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    Yeah, but Jo, what's your favorite cookie? Lol! :rofl:
    We were upset because one order list went missing. Thankfully it was a relatively small order and the Mom could figure out what she needed to fulfill the orders before the order deadline. Another troop's Cookie Mom messed up their order, they were short Carmel deLites/Samoas and Thin Mints. A lot of them. She was stressing!
  3. hearts and roses

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    I love samoas, thin mints, and trefoils.
  4. tammyjh

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    Oh wow! Deja vu for us....the mom who was in charge of the boy scout troop put in a huge order for the pop corn and all of a sudden quit without paying for the pop corn...I "hear" she had ordered almot $800 worth. And she didn't tell anyone she quit, she just stopped going to the meetings and n one knew what was going on. husband and and one of the other moms have been salvaging whats left of the troop. The popcorn issue was left to someone in higher up positions.

    Speaking of girl scouts.....daughter is a scout and our cookies will be here next week. Yay!
  5. scent of cedar

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    We just had a little Girl Scout come to our door the other day. We don't eat anything like that, and so, I did not buy any cookies. But on another cookie thread, the suggestion was made that water bottles with the Girl Scout logo might be something the girls could sell, so that those of us who cannot eat the cookies can support the Scout in that way.

    I think that is a really good idea.

    Or, Girl Scout tea or gourmet coffee packets might be even better.

    We definitely would have bought the tea or the coffee.

    Maybe not so much the water bottle.

  6. tiredmommy

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    Our council sells packaged nuts in the fall...
  7. susiestar

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    husband works with a cookie mom. She brought some to work. He only bought ONE box of trefoils and 2 of thin mints. I can't understand that. Jess is not a scout anymore, soccer interfered and I made her pick - if she isn't going to be there she shouldn't join, in my humble opinion.

    I will be calling a friend who buys about $1000 (yes, a grand) worth and then sells them at the regular price to his coworkers, clients (he is a phone repairman), and those of us who live too far out for the girls to come to us.

    ONE box of trefoils. What is UP with that????

  8. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    I usually buy 7 boxes from my friend's daughter and H usually buys 5 from our neighborhood girl. I have to buy extra Tag-a-Longs for easy child. difficult child doesn't really like cookies or cakes - she's a fruit girl. And I buy the samoas for my mom (which I shouldn't since she's a diabetic and they are chock full of sugar!) H likes the Tag-a-Longs too. I get all the thin mints to myself, which I keep in the freezer - yum.