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Chris has been AWESOME!!!!! So far so good in school thank god....he has been on a no carb/south beach diet for a few weeks now and i'm wondering if his diet had anything to do with his improvement....i go to his shrink tomorrow and i'm going to ask her opinion, but i figure i would ask opinions on this from ones fighting on the front lines if you know what i mean...had anyone experienced a change for the better with a different diet??? i mean it's like invasion of the body snatchers..the boy takes a shower every night without a fight <GASP> he brushes his teeth every morning and night with no arguing...he is helpful and loving...i keep waiting for the big blowup or the call from school and nothing...the boy is even doing his homework on his own...what the...i'm wondering if this diet is doing things with his mind??? any opinions??? thanks in advance

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My son swears that he feels better since eating less prepared and fast foods and more made-from-scratch foods.

He is better but it's a chicken-or-egg sort of thing. I don't know if he's eating better because he feels better or feels better because he's eating better. Maybe both.


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My youngest difficult child was put on an extremely strict diet last year. It was a huge help with behavior! We didn't like the diet because it was so strict, so we've started trying to get him off of it and his behavior has gone down hill just by adding a few things back in. I'm sure the diet is making a difference in your difficult child.


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Yes, it could be his diet. My daughter's ODD went away when she went on the gluten/casein free diet. All it takes is for her to eat something with even a trace of that for the old difficult child to come back. It is well-known by those of us with gluten intolerance, (but not believed by almost anyone else, including doctors), that gluten can cause mood swings, anger, depression, etc. Some people discover their gluten intolerance by being on the Atkins diet.

I have experience with the gluten/casein free diet and have seen the results but I'm sure there are other foods/additives that can have the same effect.


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Glad to hear that your difficult child's behaviour has improved on the new diet. It is amazing how much of a difference the right (or wrong) foods can make to our difficult children' behaviour.

My difficult child has severe behavioural breakdowns in response to certain foods, which result in akathisia and a near hypomanic state. We have removed all such foods from his diet, and keep a "banned foods" list.

The strangest thing is there's no single ingredient or additive that we've been able to identify that sets him off. Some natural foods are great, others horrible, some artificial foods are great, some horrible. He doesn't react badly to gluten or casein, he's fine with milk. However, cranberries for example, or lemons will spike a huge reaction in him.

What we did is, we started him on a diet of just the basics...foods that we knew were safe. Then we added one new food at a time, only when we were at home, and watched carefully for reactions.

It's great that your son is doing so well, both at school and at home. Hope everything continues to go smoothly.

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