Diets to manage ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)?....Still having a rough time with DS

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    Has anyone put their child on a special diet or eliminated certain foods to help with ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)?
    DS' clinician was discussing how she has noticed some children can have a sensitvity to artifical dyes and this can increase their hyperactivity and aggression.
    Just wanted to see if anyone has tried any food elimination and had success.
    DS had his Abilify dose increased to 5 mg a day but there has not been any improvement. We start him on 20 mg of Vyvase tomorrow. We have now started Intensive Home Therapy and he has two clinicians coming to the house. One will come once a week for an hour and the other will be here for up to seven hours a week. I hope they can help DS work on his behaviors because I do not see how he will return to school in September.
    His aggression is really bad right now and the smallest thing that rocks his world will set him off. He screams, throws things, self harms by punching and biting, and threatens to hit me (sometimes he actually does).

    Some days are so exhausting and it seems like it will never get better :sigh:

    Survivng day by day,
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    The only item I've eliminated is red dye #40. I noticed son had some mild issues with it when his favorite Kool-aid flavor was 'reformulated'. Until then I didn't realize that the original was an all natural formulation (good), and the new one was ALL chemicals (bad).

    We do not avoid it like the plague or anything, but do not have it in foods that are eaten daily.

    The gluten free/ casein free diets have been suggested by EVERYONE, but then what would my kid eat? We could actually try it now because at 15 he's no longer a picky eater, but his behavior is also not out of control any more.

    It's certainly worth a try if you can make it work in your home with your kids.

    I'm still considering trying to eliminate dairy as a test for my DD1. Someone suggested milk protiens could be a cause or catalyst for enuresis, but the girl LOVES her dairy. :sigh: It is really tough trying any difficult therapy(diet) that may or may not work.