difficult child#1 and his Gout.

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    GFGmom's insurance expires 10/1 so I got an initial appointment and a followup with the Rheumatologist for difficult child#1. Today was the follow up. For those interested in such things the lab showed his uric acid level is 13.5 and normal is 6. That was a shocker. He's got two Rx's and has to come back next month. Oh well we've got to do what we've got to do. I reminded him twice this morning to explain in detail to the MD about his intestinal distress. The Doctor told him that his stomach cramps, frequent trips to the bathroom etc. are probably also due to the high uric acid. Wonder if he'll be less likely to drink now? He is doing much much better controlling his booze intake but I doubt that will lead to sobriety. DDD

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    Cherries not canned have been known to lower uric acid. 20-25 cherries per day, best in the morning. There are many holistic or natural remedies that have been known to help with gout. Might help.
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    I didn't know about cherries but I'll get some. He seems to be grasping the severity of his problems. Always hoping for the best and staying prepared for the worst. What a way to live! Thanks. DDD
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    DDD...I have had gout since I was in my late teens. It was the first thing to show up on me. My big toes became extremely swollen and painful. I went to the doctor and they ran a ton of tests and gout it was. I get bouts about once a year or so.