difficult child 1 bladder infection (big surprise, I know)

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    So he's starting on antibiotics today, but I'm wondering if this would interfere with his bladder procedure which is scheduled for the 21st (although I'm trying to find out if there are any cancellations for the 18th which was our other possible date). His pediatrician says he needs to be rechecked 4-5 days after finishing the antibiotics, which puts him at the week after his procedure... or would they just keep him on the antibiotics as a preventative measure after the procedure?
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    I think this varies from doctor to doctor and also depends on the problem and the infection's cause. It is standard to recheck after an antibiotic. Did the pediatrician alert the surgeon? Also, your difficult child will need a check up usually with-in 24 hrs of the procedure and usually that is to rule out anything that causes a fever, etc... The only way you are going to have any idea is by asking the doctor. If this is repeatedly postponed, how will difficult child ever get rid of the infection? It seems to me that the item is the source of the infection and either from bacteria on it or around it or by interfering with the normal functioning of the bladder/urinary system/kidneys. So it may be a catch-22.

    I am sorry. This just can't go smoothly, can it?
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    My brother has been having a lot of trouble for several years, needing reconstructive surgery after a lot of stuff got removed due to prostate cancer. He's been incontinent since, but the surgery is to fix that. Trouble is, every time he goes in for surgery, they find he has a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and surgery gets cancelled. A couple of years ago they went ahead with surgery and although they thought he was clear, he had an infection which became a lot worse, and they had to take it all out again, taking even more and doing even more damage.

    My brother's case is not your son's case, however. My brother needs various bits of plastic put in, and for this they need a sterile field. In your son's case, the field is already contaminated and this is actually causing a lot of the infections. So there is even a chance they may go ahead anyway. However, it would be far preferable for there to be no infection. I would be surprised if he were not kept on antibiotics from now until the surgery, to ensure that infection stays away and doesn't complicate his recovery.

    I had kidney surgery when I was 20. I was on long-term antibiotics from before the surgery, to months afterwards. I'd been getting repeat UTIs which were aggravated by a deformed kidney. The infection got up to my kidneys and the doctor could not be sure the infection was completely gone.

    It is most important to keep infection out of the kidneys. It's harder to shift a kidney infection than a bladder infection. A kidney resembles a kitchen sponge, and trying to disinfect your kitchen sponge is almost impossible.

    If the infection does get up to his kidneys, he will know about it. NOT pleasant!

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    Exactly. And yes, the pediatrician is faxing the results to the uro (it was all part of the pre-op physical) so I'm sure I'll get further instructions later this week. For the record, NOTHING ever goes smoothly in my family!
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    That was how I was thinking as well. I guess we'll know in a few days...
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    Argh! No fair!