difficult child 1 has "Full Moon Syndrome" today

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TeDo, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. TeDo

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    Irritable, inflexible, argumentative, volatile to the N-th degree today. It all began because he had a question on a health quiz that HE disagreed with the correct answer which was word-for-word out of the book that was wide open in front of him with the words written in bold. The BOOK is wrong!!!! ...... and it went downhill from there. I gave him a prn and he says "so now you're trying to kill me". He's upstairs trying to go to sleep "for the rest of my life". A nap can only help.....at least it usually does......*fingers crossed*
  2. buddy

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    OH good grief! LOL (sorry) Usually Q tells me that I need a nap!

    He is so sensitive to sleep issues, I hope it does help him.... what was the answer anyway?
  3. TeDo

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    The question was "Which organ is NOT a part of the respiratory system?" The choices were a) the heart b)the lungs c)the diaphragm d) the epiglottis. The correct answer was the heart. The lungs and diaphragm "breathe" and the epiglottis controls the esophogus but the heart isn't an ACTIVE part of that system. difficult child 1's argument was that the heart oxygenated the blood and pushed it to the lungs so it HAD to be a part of it. I even reminded him that in the last unit, The Circulatory System, the heart was the center of THAT whole system. He was adamant that he was going to call the teacher and tell him HE was wrong and when I wouldn't let him, it all went to h*** in a hurry.
  4. buddy

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    Well, big picture? He has the process down. Now to work on that old thing we all had to learn.... study to pass the test. Play their game. I had a neuro teacher who would ask these long questions about research etc... then would say... WHAT page in what Chapter talked about this? HUH??? It was multiple choice and I always got the top scores so I dont know what kind of crazy brain I had at that time but it won me awards... now... I would probably fall asleep half way through reading the stuff.

    I learned to study for the test as well as learning the material...

    even if he thinks he is right, it is part of school to do it their way sometimes. (kids with autism have such a hard time with that... not that they should nto be critical thinkers but they can buck SO MUCH of what they are told to do. I spent a huge part of last year helping a kid do it the teacher's way because he was not getting credit because he thought the teachers way was dumb---and in this case it was NOT---poor kid just wanted it his way all the time.)
  5. confuzzled

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    right or wrong, at least he defended his answer and you could SEE why he thought that. he had to think about it to come to that conclusion.

    the no convincing him differently is hard...i hate when they get like that!
  6. InsaneCdn

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    Is it the full moon today?
    THAT explains a whole lot.
  7. StressedM0mma

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    If there really is a full moon it would explain so much! Took my difficult child to the ER to get her admitted to the psychiatric hospital. The behavioral ER was totally slammed today. we were there from 11-5 when she was finally admitted to the unit. One very long day.
    I hate when they are so sure they are right and the entire world is wrong. Makes you shake your head. Hope he is in a better mood when her gets up.
  8. Bunny

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    I hear you on that one!!

    I hope that the nap helps him and that he wakes up in a better and more cooperative mood.
  9. Steely

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    OK - TEDO - I am sorry but I have to laugh. That sounds SO like Matt - but only in retrospect is it funny, I know. Of COURSE the book is wrong - come on. And yes, we are trying to kill him with their PRN's. been there done that so many times, I guess now it is just stupidly funny.

    And yes, VERY much a full moon today. I personally have been a bigger mess than Matt. Ugh -- and HUGS!
  10. TeDo

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    Steely, I am glad I was able to make you laugh.

    Yes, he was in a MUCH better mood after a 2hour nap. He even got his school work done without another complaint and gave me hugs. THAT speaks volume.

    I HATE full moons!!!!! I can set my calendar by him! UGH
  11. buddy

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    Hey TeDo, Q had a drama moment too today...so the full moon theory may be right... not only do I not love him...but I apparently do not want ANYONE to love him today...

    All because his little friend (girl) went to FLA... yes, everything is always my fault.