difficult child 1 home with GI issues. Again.

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  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    He was in pain alllll last night. He was constipated and it must've been bad. Gave him some lactulose that one of the pediatrician's gave us. He fell asleep on the bathroom floor until about 3am, then finally went back to his own bed. After running some errands this morning, I brought home an enema pack that he texted me and asked for. Gave him a dose of Miralax. He finally started passing stuff, but he's still feeling awful. Made sure he took Lactaid with ANYTHING that he ate today (which wasn't much) just to be safe. Don't know if lactose is the problem, but since I can't seem to get him to NOT eat anything with dairy in it, I'm going to go ahead and proceed as if it IS the problem. Figured it can't hurt. Pushed another dose of Miralax in the afternooon. I guess I'll take him in to see the pediatrician tomorrow if he's not feeling better. He missed Thursday and Friday last week for the OPPOSITE problem! Consistently inconsistent, that's my guy.

    He's feeling overwhelmed by all the work he knows he's missing at school, even though he has plenty of time to do the work. Really puts a damper on his motivation to even try. He is so sick of this, as am I. :sick:

    On top of all this, I've got a cold that's got me feeling run down, and it seems as though easy child is coming down with something now, too -- low grade fever this afternoon.

    Phooey. :whiteflag:
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    Can he take Colace? If you're not familiar with it, it's a softener, not a laxative.
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    metamucil is good too everyday for a while till he regulates. that's sad fell asleep on the floor. awww

    you gotta take apple cidar vinegar. i have told a few ppl here it is the absolute cure all. tastes like **** but it works wonders. few tablespoons in hot cup of water. for a few days and you'll be back to normal
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    You aren't going to like this suggestion, but do you think he could go on homebound instruction? It may take away one part of the stress he must be feeling. My only caveat would be that he would need to find another way to get socialization.
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    I was thinking that he likely needs homebound instruction right now. one of the things that makes Crohns and IBS MUCH worse is stress. I realize that homebound is probably NOT going to be fun for you, but it may be what is needed. Or online classes that he can do at whatever time of the day works for him.

    How are his grades? I know in high school there can be an enormous volume of work. Lots and lots of math problems, etc... One thing a friend did with her son was to midify the amount of homework and classwork he did. The sheer quantity was just too much. At the time the schools pushed teachers to assign 1 hour of homework per class per day. So if you have 7 classes at school you had to do homework from 4 pm to 11 pm just to keep up. If you had a hard time learning the material you were seriously in trouble. Most math assignments are designed with the easiest problems at the beginning and the hardest at the end. So with their modifications her son did the last ten problems (roughly 10% of the assignments for his algebra class). If he understood them and got them correct he didn't have to go back and do the others. If he had problems he had to go back and work 10% of the problems for each problem he missed. She also trimmed his book reports. His teacher gave them about ten different things for the book report and they had to do 8 of them. Make a poster, a story web, write a summary for the book cover, write a 10 page paper, create a diorama, etc... To get a passing grade on the book reports took rougly fifteen hours of work - and they did 2 a MONTH this way! Her son fell apart due to the pressure and had about every stress related problem possible, including heart problems and chest pains, until she got him on an IEP and forced the school to back off on the assignments.

    Maybe difficult child 1 needs his assignments trimmed this way also. Do enough to make sure he grasps the concepts but not swamp him with a lot of busy work that isn't really helping anyway, Know what I mean??

    I hope he feels better soon.
  6. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I'm cringeing at the thought of pulling him out long-term. I don't know what that would mean for lacrosse, and that is the ONE thing that he looks forward to in school. Today I'm going to contact the school counselor, teachers, and possibly the school psychiatric and try to figure out what to do at this point. Per his IHP, they should be willing to pare down the work. Quarter ends next week, so we need to get it sorted out this week or he's likely going to fail one or two of his classes.

    When he does the work, he gets decent grades in the A and B range. He typically does well on tests, too. His biggest problem has been in keeping up with the workload. Once he gets behind, he gets overwhelmed and shuts down.

    He's been trying to work on missed assignments while he's been home. I banned the TV and video games, so his only options are either to do homework, or sleep. But he spent probably 1/2 the day on the toilet and another 1/4 of the time laying in bed or trying to do something to alleviate his discomfort.