difficult child 1 made it through the procedure

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  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    They extracted a length of electrical wire with no complications, thankfully. The bottom of his bladder is pretty chewed up and he'll probably have some bleeding for a day or so. difficult child 1 revealed that he's had blood in his urine for quite some time, maybe as long as a year or more, but neglected to mention this to anyone!

    So here's hoping we enter a new and healthier chapter in his life!
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    Whoa. Hope he heals well and soon and has learned his lesson.
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    Electrical wire? Ugh...ick! Why?

    Ya know...I was in the ER one day and overheard them talking about a case where a guy came in and they had to remove a mouse from well...the other side. So I guess it could have been worse!
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    I am glad he made it through the procedure without any other apparent problems. Just the thought of electrical wire is scary. I hope that he has a therapist who can help him process what he did, why, not telling anyone, the pain that he has lived with, etc... so that if he is hypersexual he does not try this again. Without talking it through with a nonjudgemental male he may start thinking some not true and/or not so great things about himself. Hopefully you know a therapist who will bring it up so that he knows that he CAN talk about it.

    I really hope and pray that his bladder heals with-o future problems and that he does not have scarring that becomes a problem. It is a wonder that he didn't tear a hole in his bladder or another part of his plumbing!! Is he on antibiotics to make sure he doesn't get infected? I hope they can help with the pain. I know there is a medication that women take for urinary tract infections to stop the pain (turns your urine orange). Can he try that to see if it will help with the pain on urination?

    I hope you rewarded yourself with a big glass of wine tonight - it was a tough day for you and husband as well as for difficult child. And YOU didn't get any anesthetic or pain medications!!!!
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    Wow! Glad the procedure was without incident and it has shed light on what is going on. Hopefully this will be a step towards healing for his body and his mind.

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    OMG! Thank heavens the procedure went well. Yep...you need a Cutty to reward your tenacity. Hugs. DDD
  8. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Thanks everyone.

    It truly is unbelieveable, and I have no idea why -- except that during the time we think he did it, he was having a lot of emotional problems due in part to the medications he was on, narrowly avoiding bowel surgery, starting middle school, and his dad having brain surgery. All in all, a pretty tumultous time in his life. I can only hope that since he's had medications adjusted and seems to be doing better, and that he's now seeing a therapist who knows all about this situation and difficult child 1's avoidance method of coping, we can begin to help him heal physically and emotionally and move forward.

    I'm still a little wiped out from the day. It was very long and exhausting. Since he was supposed to be NPO for 8 hours prior and our time slot was 1:15pm, he wanted me to wake him early to eat something. So I got up at 4:45 to give him some food, then went back to bed at 5am. Got back up at 7am to get easy child and difficult child 2 ready and off to school. Then got difficult child 1 up, medicated, and we left by 9:30am so we could drive the 50 miles to the hospital. Got there at 11am. Parked and checked in at our designated 11:15am time. Went through registration/admissions and then up to the 3rd floor lobby to wait. And wait. And wait. They were running 2 hours behind!!! They finally called us back to the prep area where he got into his gown and the went over all his medical info with me and started his IV. Considering his past needle phobia, he did really well with it. The anesthesiologist was great and difficult child 1 did well communicating his anxiety -- asked for something to help him relax because his throat felt really tight -- and once they gave him some happy juice he was just the most pleasant guy to be around, even if he was a bit random in his conversation. :winks:

    They finally wheeled him away around 3:30pm, so husband and I went to get something to eat. At 4:15pm we got a call from the uro telling us everything went smoothly and difficult child 1 was in recovery. It took about two hours to get him through that and finally discharged. And then another two hours to get home in Friday night traffic with one pit stop and a drive thru for some food for difficult child 1.

    husband and I zoned out in front of the TV for a few hours and went to bed. difficult child 1 played video games for a while and then crashed, too. He's supposed to take things easy for the weekend and then he should be good to go about his usual business. They did not send him home on any antibiotics although he just finished a round last week because his preop physical showed he had a bladder infection. We'll follow up with the pediatrician Monday and have a recheck on that. I'm not going to know what to do with a life suddenly absent of medical problems!!! :rofl:
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    What a relief, to have that over and done with! I was thinking about you.

    Love, Esther
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    So glad he came through it with minimal effect. Major relief!
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    omg i cannot even imagine! you take things in such stride. electrical wire? sheesh....... i'm so glad it's out he's ok and you are so positive!!!!

    (((hugs))) here's hoping nothing else goes into that wonderful boy that doesn't belong in there!! :)
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    I can only hope that from here, he feels so much better in so many ways that he won't ever do something that drastic again. And if he does, you will be much quicker to say, "Could he have inserted something in there?" I mean, how could you have known at the time?

    Sounds like it went quite well, considering. And he handled the needles, the wait, the whole thing a lot better than perhaps he would have a couple of years ago. Having been through this and coped, maybe he can realise in the future that he is tougher than he has given himself credit for?

    Hugs. Go relax. You've earned it.

  13. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Again, thanks everyone :)

    Last night was probably one of the first nights in a very, very long time that he did not have to wake up to pee in the middle of the night. I'm hoping this means many more restful nights ahead for him, too! So far, no blood and no clots, though the doctor said he could have a little bit over the next few days -- at least he's not admitting to it when I ask. No pain either. So either he's still in denial, has a really high tolerance or it's really not bothering him. No way to know for sure I guess.

    He wraps up his home/hospital instruction next week and I'm working on getting him enrolled in the district independent study program for 2nd semester. I'm looking forward to this new chapter!
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    Sounds like good news all around...

    Happy New Year!!!
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    How's his healing coming along?
  16. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    It's going well, thanks for asking :) He had a lot of clots on Monday -- when I took in a urine sample for a repeat culture (which turned out normal) it looked more like mud than anything else! But he's telling me now that it's turned to pale lemonade, lol. So I think things are just about all healed. He seems to be feeling a LOT better, too. Both physically and emotionally.

    I had to laugh yesterday at the therapist's comment that God has certainly blessed me with a trio of challenging kids! That which does not kill us....
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    .... prepares us for the grandkids they'll bring us later?
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    Bite your tongue!!!! :rofl:
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    That's gotta taste better than the usual foot-in-mouth disease I have.
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    I'm seriously wondering if it's a good idea for my difficult child's to reproduce -- I think adoption might be a better alternative in their case!