difficult child 1 out of psychiatric hospital!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by nvts, Mar 12, 2011.

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    Wow! I would recommend this facility to anyone in the free world...check this out...they listen to the parent!

    He's out...I had to pick him Thursday (another trip in the torential rain! again!). What a difference. The phone calls that I was getting from him weren't the clingy, whining, obsessive, accusing calls that I had so gotten used to. The visits were congenial and pleasant and when he did slip with his language, he caught himself before I said anything about 50% of the time. Amazing.

    He was relaxed. I've never seen my child relaxed - ever.

    So he's back. He still at the community residence, but he's on his way here to have a 6 hour visit. Naturally, this is going to cost me money because none of his clothes fit so we have to head out and hit Wally World (he's losing some of the Seroquel weight - they put him on metformin because he's prediabetic - I'm ready to kill his treating psychiatrist - long story).

    Again, thank you all for all the support!

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    Hope the progress continues!
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    How wonderful that you have such confidence in the facility and staff. Even more wonderful is that you can actually see the progress so quickly. I'm really happy for your family and hoping that the coming days show continued improvement.Hugs.DDD
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    Enjoy your visit!
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    Great to hear this! Enjoy the visit.
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    good to hear! Hope the positives multiply!

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    Excellent news! So glad he is doing well.
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    It's possible to turn pre-diabetes around. I did. But don't tell my mother-in-law - she keeps trying to feed me and I had to tell her my diabetes was back, to make her stop offering me the wrong kind of foods.

    I'd be using op-shops for clothes at the moment - he's likely to be still changing shape for a while.