difficult child 1's 504 Meeting falls on Pink Slip Friday

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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Apparently tomorrow is Pink Slip Friday in our state and many teachers are being layed off work because of our budget crisis. A protest of sorts has been organized whereby teachers are planning to wear pink and stand out in front of their school 30 minutes before classes start to show their solidarity.

    And of course, that coincides with difficult child 1's 504 plan meeting which is scheduled for the half hour before school starts. The counselor called me yesterday to alert me to the possibility that some of his teachers may be no-shows. She did say his Lang Arts teacher committed to being there because she's the one who has voiced the loudest concerns over difficult child 1's performance.

    Whomever doesn't show, the counselor said she will ask for written feedback from them to provide to the school psychologist who will be putting together the evaluation plan for difficult child 1 to see if he qualifies for services and an IEP. I'm meeting with the psychiatric next week, along with the RSP teacher and the S/L specialist to discuss the evaluation plan and hopefully coordinate with the private neuropsychologist we'll be seeing in a few weeks.

    I feel for the teachers. But they are not the only people in this country who are losing jobs. This just feels like an inappropriate way, given the current economic climate, to express themselves. It's only going to stress people out even more than they already are.

    Anyway, today I'm going over last year's evaluation for difficult child 2 to figure out what needs to be covered for difficult child 1 and formulating my questions for tomorrow's psuedo-meeting. It may be very short!
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    Wow... Wonder if your difficult child's school and my difficult child's school share a brain.

    You'd think that as soon as they realized the scheduling for the 504 they'd reschedule. Like for Monday?!

    Whatever hugs and prayers I can send through the ether, you've got. Good luck tomorrow!!!
  3. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    They said they didn't want to reschedule because their calendar is already booked pretty far out (apparently) and they want to get moving on his evaluation process.

    It's just lousy timing. I'm hopeful we can still work around it.
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    I agree with you, there!

    Hopefully, the teachers will attend the meeting and do the best they can to arrange services for difficult child 1.

    If they refuse to attend? Then I guess it means that they are putting their own concerns ahead of the needs of their students and causing extra stress for everyone all the way around.

    My husband (who is working in the medical field) was just notified that his company is instituting a wage freeze, a hiring freeze, and that they are cutting overtime hours. And yet, he and his co-workers will be carrying on with their regular duties and helping patients, as usual.

    Why? Because caring for others is part of the job description....

    Hopefully...the teachers will see it that way, too.

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