difficult child 1's doing his best to bug me from 1000 miles away.

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    Nothing bad, just inability to figure out how to solve problems. I probably shouldn't even complain. lol It just been so quiet for a while...I've truly enjoyed it.

    Yesterday. he wanted to get a new cell phone since he destroyed his old one (literally - he beat it to pieces with a broom). He wanted AT&T. He couldn't find a store. I asked him if he asked local people .

    Yellow pages?

    AT&T's website and store locator?

    So walked him thru finding a store thru AT&T's website. There was one 5 blocks from him.

    Now its taxes. He paid in $300 in federal income tax. He thinks he gets it all back (has no idea how the tax system works - maybe he is getting it back, but I'm betting he's not getting it all). He has W-2's at our house, too, from his 2 odd jobs last summer. He told me he was having H&R Block do it so he could get a refund anticipation loan. I told him it was wasteful to spend $40 to prepare taxes and pay a fee for the loan, but that was fine, they'd do a good job, and I'd mail his W-2's. He called today and wants me to file them. Said fine, I can do it. Now he wants to know how he'll get the money if I file his taxes. So I changed my mind and told him he'd better do it so he can learn (thinking this is a no-win situation since he doesn't understand the system...) and he's already mailed his stuff to me.

    Oh boy. You'd think the boy didn't spend a day in his life watching me solve problems... (We bought him a REALLY nice dirt bike CHEAP that I helped him track down on the internet, for crying out loud..). Guess there's another difference between easy child's and difficult child's.

    And now he's buying a motorcycle. $5000. New. He knows he's being deployed in 6 months.

    That's my boy.
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    Star* call 911........call 911

    I give him 3 ATTA BOYS~! lol


    ps - you can do Tax Slayer on line - for free. You have to pay $9.99 for state but you can get the money direct deposited in about 8 days.

    Same for state - I paid HR block a ton and they messed up and it took me forever to straighten it out and no they didn't charge, but the time, gas and aggravation? Not worth it - so I started doing them myself www.taxslayer.com quick, easy, fast.
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    I was almost afraid to read this...I imagine Miss KT in a similar situation in about a year. Good luck and lots of hugs to you!