difficult child 1's school is BEYOND useless!

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    Have you ever gotten to this point?

    difficult child 1 has Asperger's Syndrome that manifests with ADHD, ODD, PTSD (associated with a Director in Kindergarten that beat him with his own fists) and a learning disability. He's extremely intelligent, but his behavior is holding him back.

    We put him in a Day Treatment Program that allows him to perform academically, but is therapeutic as well.

    This school looks at every action as intentional. If he "chirps" or makes his noises, they complain. If he has an "episode" and curses (which he learned and uses in school ONLY), they complain. If he has a meltdown and has to be restrained, they get heavy handed, threaten to call 911 (which causes the meltdown to increase in volativity), threaten to call me, threaten to take away priveledges, threaten, threaten, threaten all the while still restraining.

    On Thurs. we had a meeting with the academic and therapeutic sides of the house and agreed to try Abilify. We advised them that we would start on Saturday morning as we wanted to be around him when we started. By 10:00 Friday morning, I was getting phone calls. By 1:00 I was at the school picking him up. Monday he has an inschool suspension due to the behavior on Friday. He was excellent!

    Tues, I had a phone call at 10:00 that he was escalating and could I come and get him. I walk in and they take me to the Directors office, would I consider a short term hospital stay in the city. You've got to be kidding me! We just started the new medication on Saturday, you've groomed him to behave this way for 1.5 years (he was NEVER like this in the prior school!). I asked the questions of the psychiatrist before I went to the school that you guys told me to ask.

    "If there's a possibility of a mood disorder, could the Concerta be making the aggression worse?"

    "Yes. But I only want to do baby steps. So since we just started the Abilify, lets keep a log as to the frequency and the duration and severity of the meltdowns."

    By the time I got to the school, the Director had spoken to the psychiatrist and wanted to suggest hospitalization.

    It's just a step that I'm not ready to take! They've done NOTHING to work with the autistic issues...everything that he does (in their eyes) is willful and attention seeking!

    Am I wrong? I swear to you know who, that everytime I get one settled, this one explodes!!!

    Thanks for any help!

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    Beth, I'm so sorry things are spinning out of control. is there a possibility of placing him in a program that focuses on kids with AS/Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)? I know in our SD such a program exists.
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    The only AS programs that we have are tiny and won't take kids that are behavioral. So if its a "little professor" type of child, they'll take them. If it's Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) they might but if it causes the child to melt down, you're out of luck.

    The thing that stinks the most is that he's regressed behaviorally 4 years in 1.5 years time. He's back to where he was when he was in the General Ed. schools.

    This whole thing is making me, well...NVTS!