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    A month or two ago (sorry, I've lost all concept of time), difficult child 2 was charged with discharging a firearm (BB Gun) and resisting arrest when the cop wrenched his shoulder and difficult child 2 subsequently took him down - with his hands handcuffed behind his back.

    We really thought with his record that he would end up in juvie this time - especially with the resisting arrest...the cop had to call for backup and it took 4 officers to get him in the cruiser.

    They dropped the resisting arrest charge and he was sentenced to 50 hours community service for discharging a firearm in city limits. His probation is being extended until he finishes the community service. So, this is all a relief.

    The frustrating part is if he would just control his mouth and attitude, he probably wouldn't have been charged with anything; which means he wouldn't have been arrested so no resisting arrest charge. The police normally don't do anything other than a verbal warning over BB Guns - and only if someone complains.

    Thanks to our former state rep, our county is very good at dealing with kids with mental illness. In fact, there is a mention of the juvie facility in my town that Alan-Matlem posted - it has added therapy programs.

    This kid needs to learn to get to his mouth under control, though. It won't be long until they won't look the other way and he'll end up in big boy jail. He has so much potential. I wish he would see it. Right now, he wants to drop out of school and get his GED. Sigh....
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    I'm so sorry, Heather. Wish I knew of a way to help him see his potential. Many hugs to you.