difficult child 2 got a job

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TeDo, Feb 15, 2013.

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    He has been volunteering at the local library helping with the pre-school story time for the past 2 years and the youth summer reading program for the last 3 years (yes, he's only 14 now). For the past year, he's been working as a library clerk without pay (volunteer) because they don't have the budget to hire him, although the director has tried everything in her power to find the money.

    Well, he was just offered a real paying job somewhere else. It's at one of our fast-food restaurants (the ONLY place that hires so young) and he can still keep his volunteer hours at the library. He's so excited and sooooo nervous. I had to walk him through mock interviews before the real ones (there were 2) and coach him on how to greet the interviewer and typical interview behavior. Today, he had to go pick up his orientation paperwork and until the actual time, he kept asking "What are they going to do? What is going to happen?" He starts his first training session on Monday and I can only imagine the questions I'm going to have to answer until then.

    I am so very proud of him and love what this is doing for his self-esteem already. He's already "calculated" how much he will earn per YEAR working 17 hours a week (limit for his age during the school year) but isn't taking into account all the hours he could put in over the summer. Good thing he's my "saver". Him spending his money is like pulling teeth!! He might just put himself through college. LOL
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    He sounded so proud. I tried to encourage him, it's really brave! You are so great. Some day you'd be such a good life or work coach......

    Congratulations. He's ambitious for such a young guy.
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    That's wonderful! How exciting. And only 14. Way To Go! He will be so proud when he brings home his first paycheck, even if it's small. And he'll flip when he sees that taxes are taken out. :)
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    That is so great!! He should be very proud of himself. You too for getting him to this spot.
  5. TeDo

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    Terry, we already had that discussion AFTER he did the calculations and was telling me the amounts. The nice thing is, he's exempt from federal and state taxes for awhile. I did warn him about he Soc Sec and Medicare deductions. I'm just glad he didn't ask for an explanation about what they are and why he (at only 14) has to pay them, although those questions wouldn't surprise me at some point. He NEEDS to know all the details about everything.
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    It is great that he can do that! How wonderful for him.
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    :wootsmiley::bravo::cheerleader: Congratulations to your difficult child!!!
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    Congrats to him (and you)!
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    That's wonderful!! Congratulations!!
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    TeDo, that says so much about his character. It is great that he is so industrious at such a young age. You did good!
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    Just totally awesome! Hugs DDD