difficult child 2 had the last of the evaluation and.......

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    it confirmed most of what we already knew. Some of the things I didn't like though.

    First while he was in with the education specialist we were talking to the Psychiatrist. She was very nice. Listened to us. Told us how impressed she was with how much we are trying to take care of these things.

    Of course she asked us what we hoped to accomplish. I told her what we wanted was a miracle but since we knew that wasn't going to happen we wanted to know what path to go on with him. She liked that. We unburdened ourselves once more on his behaviors etc.

    Then when difficult child got done with the education person he talked to the Dr we had been. Then he talked with her and the Staff Dr. I really love the University Hospital setting. You get way more care there.

    Then his whole evaluation team met including the person that had met with him on the 3rd(the Neuro psychiatric). Then I got to go and get their initial results.

    I was/am pretty tensed up about it. He has Personality change due to alcohol and lead exposure (alcohol was from when his bio mom was pregnant). Then he has Impulse Control Disorder not otherwise specified (duh). They also discovered he is borderline intellectual funtioning. You add all that up together and you get a big ugh.

    The recommended path - get the medications tweaked (they had some suggestions), intesive therapy of a sort he will comprehend and digest (good luck). The other thing he said that was controvesial but could be looked at was reducing his testosterone levels. Not sure really how I feel about that what with the risks etc. A lot of thought would have to go into that one.

    The other thing is they said we should plan now on him going to an adult facility and getting the ball rolling on that because he will most probably not be able to be out by the time he is 18. That would be too big of a risk.

    So in the last week we have been told both of the difficult children are probably going to have to have guardians. Yippee!!!!

    So now I have new things to look up and new medications to educate myself on so when this is all discussed I can know which way I think best to start.

    Onward and upward.

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    Big, huge hugs............
    Life is just too hard sometimes, I know.........
    Perhaps by age 25 he will rise to his full potential and surprise everyone. You just never know - I always think one can hope. It keeps the soul alive.
    Sending strength your way. :flower:
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    "Onward and Upward" the matra of parents with a difficult child(s). I like your attitude. Gentle hugs.

    Exactly how do they go about reducing testosterone levels? Do they give them small amounts of female hormones or are we talking surgery?

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    You have the right attitude. And you never know the difference a few years might make.

    I'm also curious about the hormone thing. Is this to make him less aggresive? And how do they do it? I think I'd have to do alot of research before making that decision.

  5. mrscatinthehat

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    I didn't go into details about the hormone stuff yet. Yes it is to reduce the aggression and sexual issues he has. I would prefer to go the medication route first before exploring this too much. I just hate to mess with his system while he is still growing if you know what I mean.

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    I don't blame you there. I'd be wondering the effects on his growing/changing body too.

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    Sounds like you have a plan of attack, if you will (don't mean to sound aggressive - but with issues of this kind you need to be).

    It's hard, at this age, to be looking for an adult facility; but we have already been looking into this for the tweedles, particularly wm, most likely kt as well. The sad realities that must be faced - however if faced with the right attitude can be palatable.

    As your difficult children are well cared for, I worry more for you & your stress levels. I'm glad that you're facing this head on & have a can(must) do attitude.

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    Beth -

    I *love* your can-do attitude! You sure do sound strong and competant. So that can be the second seminar you give... How to Keep the Warrior Mom's Head together! :wink:

    I agree that if you're looking at long-term supervised placement, now is the time to get the ball rolling at least in terms of educating yourself about options and of course the always pressing issue of funding.

    Glad they came up with a plan, though I'm with- you - the lowering testosterone thing would make me more than a bit nervous. Sounds like you have a really good team together there.

    Great job, Mom!