difficult child 2 still inpatient until Monday

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    After conferences with the psychiatrist, social worker, easy child's principal and a few thousand other cast members, psychiatrist decided to keep difficult child 2 for the weekend. How he got the insurance to agree I have no idea but I am not looking that gift horse in the mouth.

    Saw him yesterday evening and he was back to being sarcastic and a bit mouthy. sigh, Thursday's wonderful visit will have to sustain me for now.

    The psychiatrist did a couple more tweaks to medications, reducing the Seroquel and increasing Trileptal.

    We are scheduled for a family discharge meeting on Monday 8:30 am. I am hoping we can get him to go to school after he's discharged. I brought it up with him yesterday and he was immediately tearful. He is already sure he won't be able to catch up and there's no reason to try. My heart aches for him about that. I hope once he gets back to school he finds he feels better and is able to handle the makeup work. He is sooo smart (IQ 140ish) but is so easily discouraged that he doesn't use those smarts to get back on track.

    I am taking easy child to see him this weekend as one of the stated purposes of his being kept inpatient. easy child is very anxious about his coming home and has made her concerns known at school and to CPS. Her principal called me in to tell me that easy child had talked to her Thursday and she would have to make a CPS report. She is a wonderful principal and we talked for a while about the situation as she is truly concerned for everyone's safety.

    Hopefully visiting him this weekend will help her feel more comfortable with his return home.

    Our wrap around team is coming Tuesday for a "family meeting" with everyone at the table. I'm not sure what to expect from that but it will be interesting I'm sure.

    And the person who's been working with difficult child 2 one on one about social skills will see him Monday for an hour.

    And of course, late Friday the neuropsychologist's office called to say they had a cancellation for Wednesday at 1:30pm - would we like to take it instead of our end of October appointment?

    I said yes but I think I will call tomorrow am and say - can't do it and leave us in October. Hope they didn't give that appointment away.

    And my sister just called to say the oncologist is pretty sure she has cancer.

    Anyone have any lumber they can send our way? I think I need to build an ark.
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    Oh man...........the koi just keeps getting deeper doesn't it.
    I don't know what to say except please know you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Your situation just blows. UGH.
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    Would left over laminate flooring strips help?

    You are being tested to the max and I am sending all the supportive thoughts I can your way...and flooring too, if it will help. Hugs. DDD
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    Wow-you sure you have enough going on? I'm so glad the principal is supportive and glad they are keeping difficult child through the weekend. Keeping you and your family in my prayers.
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    Time to break out the virtual chainsaw art!

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    At least easy child's voice is being heard. In reality, Monday is probably still too soon to release him - and maybe they will get to see that, too. But ideally - before Monday morning.

    It is really tough to be 'on the edge' and have to stay there...

    One day at a time.
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    One thing that will help easy child and with CPS is to do a written safety plan. It will say where everyone goes and what they do when difficult child is being unsafe. Back before Wiz went to the psychiatric hospital for the long stay, ours included having Jess wear a lanyard with an alarm on it. The type that joggers wear that gives a loud sound when they pull the end of it or push a button. An alarm would allow easy child to get you to come instantly if difficult child was hurting/scaring her. I know it helped Jess feel safer, because Wiz was very skilled at catching her alone and hurting her in a way that didn't show marks for a while, so it was her word against his. It let us keep her safe and really helped her feel safe.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Did the "mouthiness" return with the lowering of his Seroquel dose?

    I'm glad they were able to figure a way to hold him longer that you're getting those supports in place for after discharge. One day at a time... and continued prayers for your sister and the rest of your family.
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    Coming in late, but adding my hugs and support. Hope all goes well in the morning. I'll be thinking of you.