difficult child 2 told me he is moving in when he turns 18

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by flutterby, Oct 17, 2009.

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    Which is in 8 months.

    I said, "I have 6 cats, 3 kids here, a dog and now you want to move in???"

    Everyone laughed and said, difficult child 2 isn't even a kid and came after the dog. I said, "Well, difficult child 2 is a full time job!"

    Where is he going to sleep? The couch? Are they *trying* to kill me???

    difficult child 2 has been here since Thursday. He got suspended from school for a week for what *sounds* like really stupid things and a week long suspension that seems to be really exorbitant. difficult child 2's mom is still waiting on the incident report to see what really happened.

    The good news is, he called me the other day because he could feel himself getting ready to explode; that he's been angry and irritable over everything and nothing, and that's why he wanted to come here for a few days.

    And he's done well. We've talked a lot and he seems to be getting it - some of it anyway. He's been calm and on an even keel. When things have happened - genuine things - that would have normally set him off (heck, they would have set me off) and he would have done something stupid, he's handled it really well.

    Then, as he's walking out the door today to go to a friend's house, he tells me that he wants to stay here when he goes back to school (after his suspension). :faint: And, of course, he and easy child have already figured out how to get him to school as he lives in another school district.

    If he wants to stay, of course I'll let him stay if it's ok with his mom.

    I don't think I can handle anymore "good" news. :faint:
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    You are a really great mom - to ALL the kids who call you mom. Sometimes kids just cannot hear what their parents are saying but they can hear the same message from a caring adult. It can really change a kid's life.
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    As much as you love him I would think long and hard about that. One difficult child is hard enough, but 2 is more than double that, trust me. I now count my husband as a difficult child, I think he has more than earned the title.

    on the other hand, it may be really good for him to live with you, you seem to do very well in setting boundaries with him and he seems to listen to you.

    Did they ever do anything with his medications?
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    I know you really care for difficult child 2. been there done that with a few of my kids friends over the years. And he's lucky to have someone like you watching over him.

    Still, I worry that if it becomes a permanent situation for him to be there and call it home.......you may have more difficult child behavior to deal with than you're up to right now.

    There were several of the kids friends I just wouldn't open my home to that way simply because I had my hands full with my own difficult children on a full time basis. I just couldn't see how I could handle adding more into the mix.

  5. flutterby

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    difficult child 2 will be staying with me for a couple of weeks. He's been doing great, is very calm and on an even keel - and taking his medications. He even applied for a job at McD's which is walking distance from my house.

    His mom is, understandably, quite hurt. Our kids have the ability to rip our hearts right out, don't they? He's not doing this to hurt her and she knows that, but it still hurts.

    She's trying to get him in this week with the psychiatrist. He needs refills on his medications and she is also going to talk to him about a MS. We also talked today about starting the IEP process.

    The information we have on why he was suspended for a week...it's pathetic. Most kids would have gotten a detention or maybe one day of in school suspension. I think they know he has a record and a PO, and are going to nitpick every little thing. I shouldn't say "they"; I think it's mainly the AP.