difficult child 2's obsessiveness peeking around the corner...

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  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    About a week or so after reducing difficult child 2's evening Seroquel XR by 100mg, he's started becoming "obsessive" about various things in the early evenings.

    Wednesday night he was starting to spiral out of control over the next day's field trip. He was talking about it constantly, worrying about what he was going to wear, trying on the clothes, wanting to search the web for a special "recipe" to make THAT NIGHT for his lunch the next day. Stuff like that.

    Last night it was all about his rocks and the potential trip to the desert he and I might make this weekend as an early birthday activity (there's a rock and gem show we'd be going to). But I'd explained numerous times to him that our going depended on the outcome of his soccer playoff game this morning. If they win, we can't go to the show today and possibly not even tomorrow. If they lose, then we can probably go and spend the night, or go early tomorrow morning. But he was still going on and on about getting ready for his trip and getting all his rocks together to take with him, and his field guides and on and on and on.

    Once he got his evening medications, both times, he was fine.

    The one benefit of reducing his evening dose has been less morning sedation. But now I'm wondering if it would be better to tack that missing 100mg on in the afternoon... I guess I need to call the psychiatrist on Monday to ask about this.
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    Oh, dear. Sigh.
    Yes, it clearly involves a medication tweak. Best of luck.
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    Definitely talk to the doctor. We went through this with difficult child 1 when he tried to cut back his Zoloft. If he was getting ready to go out but was ready a bit early, he found himself walking around the house checking windows, making sure he had his wallet and keys, checking windows and doors were shut and locked, checking his wallet and keys were in his pokcet, checking doors and windows, checking ...

    You get the picture.

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    I hope you can adjust the timing. I always hope to get by on the least amount of medication possible and finding that right balance is so tough. Just when you get it right they have growth spurt! Good luck and hugs, ML
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    I hope the psychiatrist is able to hear; sorry the obsessiveness is showing up. Hugs.