difficult child 2's teacher replied back... all's well that ends well!

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    I replied to the apology from the teacher who volunteered and then forgot to give difficult child 2 his medications on the field trip last week. Essentially, I said that while I was disappointed, I understood why it happened. I concluded by asking her how I could help prevent this from happening in the future for her or other staff members who might be with difficult child 2 on a field trip. She was very nice and thanked me for being so understanding. Her solution was to have the attending administrator (last week it was the principal) take on this resposibility instead of trying to do everything (manage the class, the trip activities, etc.) herself. I think that's a great idea, and I will take it one step further and CONTACT whomever that is in the future to make sure no one forgets! ;)
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    Way To Go Warrior Mom! :warrior:
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    Sounds like an excellent solution. I bet she was glad to have a parent ask how to help prevent it in the future.