difficult child admitted to psychiatric hospital today...

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  1. psychiatrist said yesterday that we needed to admit difficult child back into psychiatric hospital again. He is on such a high dose of Geodon and he is mid-theraputic range on the depakote that we need to do something else to try and get him stabilized. He told me to take him last night, we spent almost 3 hours there last night but then they were unable to verify insurance last night, so we had to go back this morning.

    The nurse that was going through the admission paperwork is one that was there when difficult child was there before. She said he is way worse than he was before. He told her that he was seeing things that were really scarey.

    I am exhausted. I have a counseling appointment for me tonight though, I am very glad.
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    I hope today's admittance was easier and that they can get him stable quickly. It must be frightening for him to be seeing things he knows are not real. Hugs---try to take some time to rest while he is there so that you will be ready when he is released.
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    I'm sorry you (and difficult child) are having to go thru this again. I sincerely hope you get some resolution to what he needs soon. I can only send support and hugs- I wish it were easier. Try to get some rest while he's in there.
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    I'm sorry-I know this is rough. I hope they are able to help with stabilization. Sending gentle hugs your way. Be sure to take care of you during this time.
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    I am so sorry. I am glad you have a counseling appointment for yourself. Dig out all your "Take care of me" artillery and use them to get your strength back and make it through these days. When my difficult child was hospitalized, my out was my work - it really helped get my mind off of crying, made the day go faster, and I felt I was doing something (even though it wasn't for difficult child).
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    I'm glad you have an appointment for yourself and really hope you can get some rest tonight. Thinking of you, ML
  7. Big Bad Kitty

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    SO sorry...when I saw you post I thought it was an old one. I remembered that difficult child was put in the hospital not too long ago.

    My prayers are with you and him.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Sending major hugs and prayers they can figure this out for him so he can go home stable soon. Hang in there mom!
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    Hoping for stability soon. Hang in there. Poor guy.
    Make sure you take care of yourself.
  10. thank you everyone.

    Adrienne, work is my out too. It gives me a chance to think of something else.

    I do have some calls to make today. I need to call and talk to his school counselor which I am not looking forward too. I talked to her the other day and hit a brick wall. The way she was talking about difficult child missing school days was like it was a disciplinary thing instead of mental health. She threatened me with educational neglect. She said they had never received school records from the Residential Treatment Center (RTC). I called the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) and the principal from there called me back and said she had a fax cover sheet showing where she sent it back in October. She was refaxing it with the same cover sheet. I asked about placing difficult child at a special school for the ED that the school district has, she said no way would she give a referral. School is a HUGE anxiety factor for difficult child. I think he would benefit greatly from the small classes there, as well as teachers that are familiar with kids with emotional problems. I don't care that difficult child has never shown explosive behavior at school. She told me that she NEVER sees at school what I have told her, I told her that was because the days he is at school he is doing ok, when he isn't he doesn't go. But anyway, I need to call her to get 2 weeks of school work for him so the homebound teacher at the psychiatric hospital can have him do it.

    I am frustrated with difficult child though, he is trying to downplay the hallucinations. I told the admitting nurse last night that he might try that. Last night he called me before bed and he told me that he told the psychiatrist that he made them up. I am not buying it. Too many other things going on like paranoia and stuff to make me think otherwise. As well as how scared he seemed. He has told too many people about them too. He told his therapist, his sister's therapist, me, his grandparents. He said that if he thought it would end him up in there he wouldn't have said anything. But, he has been saying for several weeks that he was afraid that he was headed back to psychiatric hospital. psychiatrist and I had discussed at one of his last appts that we were both concerned that difficult child wouldn't admit to them. He had thought that difficult child was having them when he was in his office. I certainly hope that no one buys into his "I made them up" There are too many unstable things going on.

    I found a local support group that I am going to check out too. They meet the 2nd and 4th tuesdays of every month. I normally have counselling those days, but I am going to try going to the next meeting and check it out.

    Well, I have to finish getting ready for work.
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    I am sorry I am so late to this. Just sending (((HUGS))) and support.

    Hang in there. :)
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    Hugs. I'm so sorry it's come to this.. hopefully you can take thsi time for yourself to re-charge, as well.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Hang in there and keep us posted. You are doing all the right things for him and hopefully some solid solutions will be decided to get him stabilized and back on track.