difficult child and court and a job


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Well, difficult child had court today for a minor in possession charge from Biker's week at the beach. He lost his priviledge to drive for 90 day. He had to turn in his license on the spot. The judge did reduce the fines from $525 to $251, so we got a break on that.

When we got home I was irritable---those of you who have dealt with a difficult child and 4 hours of court can understand. He came in and told me that a major pizza company called and he starts work next Friday. We'll see. He's never held a job for long.

And he plans on starting college in the fall if he can get the financing together---husband and I refuse to pay until he shows some initiative!


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I'm glad court is over. It's an ordeal, that's for sure.

How is he going to get to a job? Can he walk or ride a bike? 90 days is nothing in the long haul. Rob kept getting caught for driving with a suspended license that it's been years (and will still be another year) since he he has driven legally. If he'd just followed the court order the first time his life would be a lot easier. :hammer:



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I couldn't agree more with not paying for his college until he shows interest....Holding down a job is a pretty good indication, so see how his job goes and let him pay for his first few classes....when his dollars are on the line it may make a difference.

Sounds like he got thru court relatively unscathed...hoping it did have some effect......