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    Today CPS got ahold of Kat. I don't know if they plan to pay her a visit. She called DEX and was livid. She told him she's done with me and done with him. But she did tell him it's OK if he continues talking to me. How nice of her. She also told him that the gun they had in the car with the baby was and always had been registered, so there was no problem. OMG- she is NOT a rational person. She actually thinks having a gun the car with-the baby is OK if it is registered. As usual I am beyond speechless. She apparently tried to call me, but I wasn't home and she tried to call me at work, but didn't have the patience to wait until I got to the phone so she hung up. I will hang up on her if she successfully gets in touch with me. I don't know what steps CPS will take, if any, but I've done all I can to make sure the baby is safe. This situation is awful, but mixing in the baby adds a special brand of horrific to it. I am absolutely sick to my stomach today.

    On the bright side, I am not Charlie Sheen's mom.
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    I have so been there, done that and it certainly is NOT fun. And the worry can drive you crazy it you let it. I find distraction and getting on with every day life a good way to keep it at bay and not drive me over the edge.

    At least CPS is aware of the situation. Registered or not.....having a gun in the car may qualify as carrying concealed........I'm not sure what that depends on. Still is not good to have around a baby unless it's in a locked gun cabinet or safe.

    It hoovers to the max to have innocent children caught up in the mix. ugh I hope if cps sees the slightest thing that may make her environment unsafe they remove her without hesitation.

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    Even though she was never going to contact me again she posted "I love you mom" on my FB this a.m. I do not understand her at all.
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    State and local law, which can vary greatly. Registered is not the same as a concealed carry permit, which also has restrictions of its own. It would be very easy for me to get a CCP or CCL or whatever they call it here, much easier and cheaper than where I'm from, but even with that there are places I would not be allowed to carry it, license or no, like on school property. In my home state, the concealed carry also extends to bladed weapons of a certain size or larger, but here I can carry those concealed with no permit and no size restriction other than that throwing stars are illegal here. My home state allows gunracks in vehicles, so long as the guns are visible and unloaded, but you're not allowed to have them here at all.
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    Sending hugs your way. DDD
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    Eliza, Katie did that sort of thing back when she was younger too. Back in those days I not only called/went to cps to file reports.........I went to katie and sat down and explained to her why I did what I did. Sometimes she got furious (rarely), but most of the time all I got was a blank look and agreement.....made me want to smack her upside the head to see if that made things clearer. ugh CPS has been called in on her for years. (me, school, docs ect) Nothing changes.

    More than 10 yrs later, it's the same. She just does not / or refuses to get it. Period. But then katie's issues are more severe than a mood disorder.......

    Maybe she was initially furious you called, then realized later you did it for the child?

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    I hope that CPS does what is needed to protect the child. In many states you can carry concealed but that does NOT mean you can carry loaded. Here you can have a concealed weapon in your car but you cannot have it loaded OR where a child could get it. We have pretty liberal gun laws, but if the gun is where a child could get it, meaning it is not in a locked box or drawer or whatever, CPS can and does remove kids. A friend of mine is paranoid (clinical diagnosis, not just my guess) and has a CCP. She got pulled over and told them she had the gun and the license etc.. She was given the choice of letting them take the gun, call CPS for instant removal of her kids, or go to jail. She only got choices because she is an affluent white woman. Any other race, an older car, not looking like a suburban housewife, etc.... and it owuld have been CPS and jail. She had the gun in the drawer below the passenger seat. It latched closed but did not lock. Her kids knew it was there and the older one even showed it to me - taking it out of the case a while back (last time I saw her was the day I told her this - she said I was lying and that was that).

    I hope the laws are sufficient that they step in and do what is needed for safety. I am sorry that you have to worry about this.

    You won't ever understand her thinking. Chances are she doesn't either.
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    Oh, in many states a concealed carry permit does NOT mean that it can be within the driver's reach. I didn't know that until recently.