difficult child and her nemesis...well, one of many

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    Last night my crisis craving difficult child came rushing home to tell me a story about a woman who was stoned drunk outside the local market and how difficult child and her friend/co-worker (40+ woman) called the police on her. difficult child called this her good deed of the day. I'm sure her empathetic and compassionate heart were in the right place, but the whole drama thing just bugs me.

    difficult child was taking her 40+ friend to the local market to meet her friend's pot dealer (uh, difficult child? Not a good idea *FYI: difficult child does not smoke pot*), when they came upon this woman surrounded by empty vanilla extract bottles barely able to walk behind the store (where they were to meet the pot dealer). Anyway, the woman got up and stumbled back into the store, difficult child followed and found the manager, a friend from town, and the woman ran into the bathroom. The manager asked difficult child to go in and see if she was okay. Afterwards, the woman went outside and difficult child went back to her car to watch and decided to call the police (*remember, difficult child's 40+ friend is sitting in difficult child's car with POT!! Duh.). Anyway, the cop pulls up and difficult child gets out to flag him down and tell him everything and guess which cop it is?

    Hahaha, I have to stop from peeing my pants laughing by now....because it's the same cop who almost arrested difficult child after she lit the girls bathroom on fire back in HS...and it's the same cop who was there the day she was kidnapped by the pedophile. OMG, difficult child said that when he rolled down the window she was speehless and he said, "Hello Gina" and said, "Hello K___ W___" - it was like Seinfeld and Newman!!! She said to me, "I thought he wasn't a cop anymore?" LOL.

    In the end they caught the woman who fought ferociously and took her to dry out I suppose. difficult child learned the woman's identity and turns out she's a neighbor - sad. difficult child STILL hates that cop...I told her she needs to move on, get over it; he is actually a good guy and not out to get her, which is what she thinks.
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    Why can't they see the cop's just doing his/her job...? lol

    Wow. Was she drunk on vanilla??? Ew.
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    Hmmmmmm. LOL

    Well, I can see where difficult child did think she was doing a good deed. And in fact, it was a good deed. The woman sounds like she was in no condition to be out and about.

    BUT difficult child did/does not connect the dots that her difficult child 40+ friend is doing the same thing in a different way.:tongue: Nor does she seem to understand that she herself does not have to be doing/buying drugs to be put into jail for helping a friend to buy/transport drugs. :faint:

    So still some big time immaturity going on there. Maybe not so much drama.......not so sure. But I'd remind her that just because she doesn't do drugs doesn't mean she can't serve jail time if the cops stop her and friend when friend has it on her. sheesh

    I've drummed that one into my kids from jr high. And Nichole got mad at me when I stopped going to see bff once I knew she was using from dealers and had drugs stashed in the house. I had to really stress that if cops showed up while we were visiting and she had drugs, we'd go to jail too. ugh

    Hopes she gets those dots connected soon.