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I'm so proud of my girl. :smile: She learned this almost completely on her own and she's become a knitting queen. She's always knitting. She currently has six big projects going and she's always working on side projects. She's made things for friends (bracelets, cell phone case, Nintendo DS case) and family and the pets...anyone and everyone. The only other person that we know that knits is her aunt in Georgia. She visited her this summer and learned a few more tips, other than what she had learned on her own.

It seems to be a great therapeutic tool for her. It keeps her hands busy and her mind occupied. She's sooo much more calm now. Almost a different kid. There's more to it than the knitting, but the knitting definitely helps.

Of course, there is one drawback. difficult child "needs" so many things as it is. This is one more thing to give her the "I needs". She "needs" more needles, more yarn, more buttons, more thread, and more baskets to keep her materials in (I've gotten her 3 really nice, stackable baskets with lids already). I think I'm just going to order a truck load of yarn and be done with it. :hammer:

Honestly, though, I admire her creativity. She didn't get it from me.

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It's great that difficult child found something to help calm her. I discovered chrocheting as a very young child, knitting as a young bride. Love them both. Taught my kids, but none seem to have the patience for it.


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I can imagine that this would be a very theraputic tool for her! I found when I was younger that Latch-Hook was very soothing for me, and I was always driving my parents crazy asking for the supplies, and they did cost a lot of money, but we found ways to work it out, like they would pay for material if it were something for the family or for the house like pillow covers or floor mats or wall hangings, but if it were stuff for me or my friends, then I had to do extra chores for my mom to cover the cost of the materials. So in addition to being soothing and theraputic, if she enjoys it that much, it might make a great opportunity to help her learn responsibility of working for the things she wants as long as you are willing to shell out the cash for it!

I am so glad that your daughter has found something that she enjoys so much! Our difficult child enjoys cross-stitching, but hasn't been able to do that lately, because she can't be trusted with needles, she was caught sneaking them to her room and sticking them through her skin in very painful places....


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Latch-hook is good. I went to a carpet factory and bought off-cut skeins of carpet wool to make more latch-hook rugs. I would wind the wool around card pom-pom style to make the many short lengths of wool needed. The carpet-grade wool was cheaper to buy and more suited to the job. I simply bought the latch-hook canvas and the old patterns I'd used, and did them again in slightly different shades. You can make sets of cushions this way, too.

But if you're running out of wool for her - how about getting a spinning wheel and teaching her to spin? Then she could branch out into lacy baby shawls made from home-spun yarn. We have a lady living near us, I've actually used her spinning wheel. She buys the fleece, cards it herself, spins it greasy (softens your hands) then washes it, dyes it with vegetable dyes she makes herself (onion skins are amazing, give a beautiful orange colour) then knits the wool up into a range of garments. The value-added effect makes her a lot of pin money.

Just don't let her experiment with making her own purple...

How fantastic for her, Heather! I'm impressed. I've tried and succeeded in most needle crafts, but never quite got the hang of knitting. I agree, very theraputic.

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This is one "I need" that I would have no problem with....if this keeps her hands & mind occupied. I love knitting - it's very therapeutic for me. kt is slowly learning to knit & loving it when she can sit still long enough.

I've always said that our difficult children need just one interest, one passion that will keep them on course, if you will.

by the way, if you check online, Lion Yarn brands has all sorts of free patterns & yarn specials on their website.

This cyber auntie is very proud of your difficult child. :angel:


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Cool. It is a very constructive thing for her. Way To Go!
You've certainly got an easy holiday and birthday list for her now!