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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Nancy, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Nancy

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    I was listening to the radio in the car yesterday to my normal station and enjoying the music and it dawned on me that I really like the music out now. There was a time several years ago when all they played was rap. difficult child was at her worst and that's all I heard everywhere I went and I hated it. No offense to anyone who likes rap but it makes me nervous and reminds me of a lot of bad times. So I stopped listening to the radio for a long time and just started again a few months ago. I am pleasantly surprised to hear that rap is gone and a new wave of gentler and kinder music has replaced it. I'm finally relaxed again while driving.

    I realized that I am finally beginning to replace many of the bad memories in my head from those awful years.
  2. PatriotsGirl

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    I am another one that HATES rap...my difficult child went through a phase when she listed to that and ugh, it was like nails on a chalkboard! Now she listens to rock, which we listen to as well. But it doesn't have bad memories tied to it like the rap did. The rap phase was when she first got into meth. :(
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    My difficult child is into what he calls "alternative" or not mainstream- basically skateboarder hip hop - aka rap. Thank goodness for iPods so that we don't have to hear it. Of course, he loves Wiz Khalifa. Disgusts me. The clothes, the concerts- I am guessing its the kind of places where they drop ecstasy. He went to one over the weekend and got covered in neon paint. He likes to wear these gosh awful clothes to them (and likely out and about too - but not in front of us) super skinny jeans, sleeveless shirts or jerseys, big high tops, knit hats . He's pilfered h's neon yellow construction vest to wear on top apparently - I found it in the washer with the other paint drenched clothes.

    Music= hip hop skateboarder, pot idolizing rappers.

    I may just blast lots of Katy Perry and Taylor Swift just to annoy him.
  4. PatriotsGirl

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    Oh my goodness, I cannot get Taylor Swift's new song out of my head!!!! We are never, ever, ever....lol.
  5. buddy

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    Q LOVES that song .....any song that repeats words he can catch (music lyrics are hard for most people but his processing makes it really hard) he really likes. I often leave the station on contemporary Christian rock to keep calm but he gets bored so we compromise on current pop stations. Hed prefer the sports station, yuck.

    Taylor S. was interviewed and it was on the radio and he thought it was so funny that this really happened to her. He "sings" it all the time!
  6. buddy

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    by the way ....I still have to shut off "dream weaver " if it comes on, the stomach turning feeling that hits me is too much. That was played alot when I was in mid school and one boy was threatening to kill me daily. I barely slept and that song was on over and over at night when I was in bed. For some reason that one of the many songs, triggers that flashback feeling. Ooo just thinking of the eerie beginning part.....not good.
  7. Calamity Jane

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    Rap plus meth = horrible memories for me, too. OMG, what a nightmare.