difficult child and our new foster sibling additions

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    Wow, its been awhile since my last post... difficult child has been doing great! It is amazing what the right school and the right medications can do. He is finally feeling good about himself and is learning so much in school and doing well that he is acting up so much less. He is also in a private program with a class of 6 that is ready to handle what he dishes out...

    We recently open our home to 2 Foster children (siblings, each 1 and 2 years younger than difficult child). We were sooooo nervous about how difficult child was going to take this this new situation. Unbelievably, his allready improved behavior at him has improved even more. He enjoys being the big brother, he is super helpful, he tries to diffuse problems, comes to me when he is upset rather than acting out - I am totally amazed. husband and I are taking extra care to give all our own kids extra attention and they seem to be really benefiting. We would occasionally yell at our own kids (don't we all) and get super aggravated, but with the new foster kids we need to be more calm and not show weekness or too much emotion in discipline. What we have discovered is that we cannot NOT get worked up with the foster kids and then get all worked up with our own. End of story, my househould is much calmer.
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    Glad to hear some good news!!! Congratulations on the 2 additions.
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    I'm jealous of the calm!!! But really glad for you!!! I'm so glad this is working well. If you don't mind me asking - why the decision to bring in foster kids - all I know is when I'm done with-difficult child I'm DONE! Kudos to you and it sounds like you're giving them a wonderful calm stable home - you rock!!!