difficult child and stranger danger

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    I don't think I have shared this and it's hilarious (in my opinion anyway).

    Recently difficult child and I had a conversation about strangers. This is how the latter part of the conversation goes:

    difficult child: "When I was first born and a brand new baby, was I afraid of you and daddy?"

    Me (confused): No, why?

    difficult child: Well I didn't really know you then

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    Oh yes he did... he had 9 months to get to know you before he was born.
    Its amazing what they pick up - including the "normal" sounds of YOUR home - which is part of nature planning for the transition.

    And you had 9 months to get to know him, too... quiet or active? a kicker or a wiggler?

    But he won't really understand that until he's waited for his own to be born, and then speaks to his child... and the child recognizes the voice... (oh yes they do).
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    Gosh literal isnt he!

    But yes babies do recognize those that are related to them even at birth. I wasnt even around Mandy all that often from June till September when Mickey was born. Probably only once a week or so and then for no more than an hour. But when that baby was born and I was the first one to hold her you could tell she recognized me. She was looking all around and when she finally found my face and snuggled down into my arms, she was happy as a clam just staring at me while I sang to her.
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    That is really cute! It is also a fairly logical question for a kid to ask, in my opinion! It shows he has a pretty good grasp of the concept - and a very active brain.

    Babies sure do recognize their family - it is amazing, in my opinion, what they know. Wiz had NO problems figuring out which person was his daddy. He was on the little lighted table where they were cleaning him up and husband was talking to him. Wiz not only turned his head but wiggled until he was able to be looking at husband - nurses were surprised because he was able to wriggle enough to turn about 30 degrees so that he was facing husband. Only then were they able to actually clean him up. Jess knew Wiz' voice the instant he came into the room - she just lit up. She was dozing and heard his voice in the hall and perked up and I swear she was smiling the second he was in the room. It was amazing.

    Janet - Mickey lived with you the first few months of her life. Yeah, there was a belly between you, but she still lived with you and knew you long before she was born. Another Grandma's girl for sure!
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    That is just too cute.
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    Ahhh, yes, but see he has known you from the moment of conception. *snicker*

    Deep thinker that one. lol