difficult child and summer school

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    This has got to be the most unorganized district ever! This session of summer school starts at 7:30am. He wasn't there an hour before he called to be picked up. A lot of the summer classes are done on the computer with NovaNet. Seems they didn't have enough computers to go around. :rolleyes: They couldn't count beforehand????

    Turns out, they added an afternoon session so he will go back tomorrow. When I informed him of this (after he got up for the second time today because he went straight back to bed when he got hom), he complained that he wasn't going to have a summer. Helloooooooooooo! YOU were the one who knew you had to pass all of your classes to avoid this!!! :hammer: Besides........all he does is sleep or lounge in front of the tv. Yeah, he's going to miss a lot.
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    I am sorry. The SD here is usually that way when summer school starts. I know the big city my dad taught in is this way depending on the teacher and IF admin gets the info to them before summer school starts. (One of my dad's friends got her enrollment info AND the type of classes she was teaching the morning summer school started!! She was able to teach reading and math and they wouldn't commit to which one she was teaching!!!)

    As for the pm session and no summer, well, that is the natural consequence. doesn't mean he will accept it with grace. Sorry.


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    The sd part sounds so frustrating! I agree that the summer school is such a logical consequence! Like Susie said-doesn't mean he is gonna like it!

    Hugs to you for having to deal with all of this.