difficult child and the summer psychiatrist appointment

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    So, difficult child see his psychiatrist once every three months or so. Has been on this schedule since third grade - he is about to enter 8th in the fall. We get a 15 min appointment four times a year so difficult child has never really bonded with Dr. M. After not seeing him for three months, he's like a stranger to him again. The therapist relationship is totally different...

    Yesterday we had a therapist appointment. Our last appointment in April was a phone appointment since difficult child was sick that day and I went and picked up his rx for vyvance (since that is the basic reason for the psychiatrist at this time - our pediatrician does not write rx's for stims or "mind" drugs as she feels the issues need to be diagnosis'd by someone other than a "body" doctor). So difficult child saw him for the first time in 6 months.

    First thing psychiatrist commented on was how much difficult child had changed. Here was my little boy - taller than me, man hair on his legs, cool clothes, smelling like Axe cologne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He weighed and measured him. difficult child has grown 2.5 inches and gained 14 pounds since Feb!

    Oh, he's still thin....he was in a between 105 and 110 holding pattern for a couple years! He is now official - 2 inches taller than his mother! psychiatrist also asked if Ron was on his medication - he knows I don't medicate on weekends, school vacations, and summer. He remarked on his ability to sit with us and joining in the conversation - rather than his younger days when we visited in the summer and difficult child would be sliding down the sofa, pacing the office, circling the chairs, you all know the drill..

    His told me to watch, once school starts, for his lunch to start "really" being eaten. difficult child has little lunch appetite on the vyvance. He said that difficult child will probably need an increase of mgs soon. Said that usually, with this medication, parents notice the appetite increase before any "physical behavorial" change. Good tip!

    With easy child off to her own apartment and college and difficult child morphing into a teenager over night, I have no babies.

    Guess it's time to find a man........:redface:

  2. Fran

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    Excellent news about difficult child. He is doing so well.

    It's a transition when you realize your babies are grown up. Take care of yourself. Start doing all those fun things you wanted to do.
  3. Mandy

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    Great news that he is doing so well!! I like to hear great stories like this... it gives me hope:D
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    Yeah for difficult child! He is growing up! He still has the teen years ahead. I hope he maintains.

    Yes, time for a man for LDM!!!!
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    Great post to read! It made me smile :)

    I have no leads on men, but I do have leads on a busy social life which in my opinion is even better ;-)
  6. LittleDudesMom

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    Okay, give crazy........
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    Fantastic news about difficult child!! I can't even picture my difficult child being taller than me! So hard to think of your easy child off to college!
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    lol... well a couple years ago I joined some local groups through meetup dot com. They have them in all major cities it seems.. and the ones I've found here are really great.. my calendar is FULL. Movies, happy hours, winery visits, cookouts, concerts, game nights, .... etc etc etc
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    Sharon, it is definately something to stand in front of a mirror with your difficult child and realize that they are taller than you - looking up at him is a tad humbling!!!

    Thanks for the idea crazy- I will look into that this weekend!