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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by mog, Feb 15, 2010.

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    difficult child is back home tonight. We went to court today and I thought that he was not going to be coming home. He was upset when he came into the court room and very distracted. After the judge made the ruling that he could come home but they had to take him back where is was and then release him to us instead if releasing him to us at the courtroom difficult child got anxious and wanted the JPO to tell him when it would be and how long and the judge got upset and told difficult child not to worry they would let him know but not to act like that in his courtroom. So I looked at difficult child and motioned for him to zip a lip and asked the lawyer if I could give him his medication but they said no and I prayed that he would not blow it while waiting for all the other hearings to be held then transport him. Then after I found out that it was because one of the security guards was harassing him again! I am just happy he is home and we are going to work on him being more positive so he can get out of this situation. WE are not going to send him to school we are going to make arrangements for him to go to Day reporting so that he can't ditch - one on one help so that maybe he can get his credits and he won't be a target for the kids or the adults. It's so disgraceful that in this day and age it is the "adult" that is the problem:mad:
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    Mog! This is great news that he's out. I'm so happy for you and I think you've really been so great for him throughout this whole ordeal.

    Now that the scary stuff is a little at bay, please make sure that you do something for YOU to relax, whether it be going to a movie, scheduling a walk for an hour every day, or just getting your hair done. You not only deserve it - but you desperately need it!

    What a warrior mom! :sword::warrior:

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    Sigh of releif...

    So glad he's out and you have the day reporting option available...will continue to pray that it goes well!
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    So the JPO offered the day reporting option without even looking into it. Turns out they will not take him. JPO has avoided our calls all day. We may need to change schools which really might hurt him credit wise right now but then again he has been out long enough now that his grades changed and basically all F's I'm guessing. Hopefully we will get an answer early morning so I can get him in school so he doesn't get in trouble for missing school.

    I will go and do something for myself as soon as I figure out this school thing--I would love to go see a movie -middle of the day- all alone- so I am not worried about husband or difficult child.
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    Is there an online option he could do from home? many states offer it as a free option. We have found it very useful and it has really helped Jessica.

    Or he may be old enough to go to adult education at night instead of regular school if school is not the right setting for him.
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    You're doing better than me 1000%. Pat yourself on the back.