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    Almost made it a week. One day without a headache.
    He is becoming afraid to leave the house. Fear of a headache. Tuesday he went to a friends for 2 hours. Came home went right to bed.
    Horrible headache. Took Two tylenol #3's. Was shaking, crying in pain. I promised him in one hour if the pain was not gone we would go to ER. (was 5:30PM)
    difficult child was now complaining also of neck and lower back pain. Sat with him to settle him down. He KNOWS the signs of meningitis and that is his absolute worst fear. So despite his pain he is bopping his head around, touching his chin/chest, side to side. never had back pain though.

    He felt warm, so took his temp. 100.6. OK, never had fever with headache before. Called his doctor. Doctor tells me to go to ER, that viral meningitis is going around. I explained he took pain medication, and has settled down a bit. doctor instructed me to wait 4 hours and call him back.

    Called him back and reported headache gone, fever down but not gone.
    he wanted to call hospital prior to us going in IF we were going in then. He wanted to explain things to them so they did not dismiss things as just headache. Due to him improving we did not go in then.

    Dr. informed us IF his headache woke him up OR if his temperature went above 100.3 to take him to ER.

    Midnight - temp= 101.7
    We go to ER. After exam Dr. called difficult child's doctor. Came back and said IF it were meningitis he would scream in pain when he curled him up and brought his knees to his chest. His neck does not feel stiff, more muscular pain he thinks. Our choice of Spinal Tap, but he would not suggest it. First reason being the headache would NOT subside. He would be much sicker, and more pain.

    difficult child asked him a million questions and seemed satisfied. Went home. Morning no temp. Called his doctor first thing. he ordered six different blood tests (after consulting specialists). some tests need to be sent out and will take a week. Others a day or two.

    I asked him many questions. Pituitary (sp?) gland normal per ct-scan and MRI. Lymes test, thyroid test, CBC and others I cannot remember.
    Possibly hormones. But the fever throws everything off. Never happened before.

    (I did call other doctors, new patients cannot get in for a long time, and have to go through a physical before addressing concerns !!!)

    difficult child temp was back up only to 99.8 when I went to sleep. (mid afternoon)

    I am having trouble posting from home. Tried several times. I do have some instructions now to fix that, but I am at work now for the next few nights.

    I am very concerned with difficult child not wanting to leave the house. He couldn't wait to visit friends each day all summer until the headaches hit.

    husband asked him if school is bothering him. He said yes. I know he does not do well with change. New school, HIGH school, small school, only a handful of kids he knows in the entire school. He will have to get up much earlier, and for the first time in his life he will be taking the bus..after he walks to the high school to catch the shuttle to the new high school.

    Sure hope test results arrive before school starts.
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    Kjs, with a fever, therre is something physical going on. That needs to be ruled out first and foreomst. Of course, infections with fever (both viral and bacterial) often cause headaches, which muddies the water for you somewhat since this latest episode could be (but is not definitely) different from the migraine-like headaches he was previously experiencing.

    Since your pediatrician is now working with you more cooperatively, is there any chance he could call a good neurologist he knows to get you in sooner. Doctor to doctor frequently works faster.

    Hang in there. Update us when you can.
  3. Wiped Out

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    I know this has you so worried-I'm glad pediatrician is running some tests. I like sw's suggestion about seeing if he can get you in earlier to a neurologist. Many hugs to you and difficult child.
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    I can't imagine how worried you are right now. Keeping you in my thoughts and praying for good test results and snswers.

  5. Andy

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    I am so glad that the doctor is finally taking you seriously. It is too bad that anyone has to reach severe levels before the doctor will take notice.

    I wouldn't accept the doctor's explanation of the meningitist rule out by how bad difficult child screams in the curl up test. Some people are able to tolerate pain and with almost every illness, people don't always have all the signs and symptoms. I would ask for another way of testing.

    What can this be? With the fever, it is definately more than anxiety over school.

    I am worrying right along with you. Keep us posted. It must be very difficult to concentrate at work.
  6. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I'd be inclined to say the fever is a separate bug on top of the headaches because the headaches have been an ongoing problem. Did they suggest that at all?

    Forgive me if I'm not remembering right, but did they check him for psuedo tumor cerebri?


    The muscular pain he's having could just be related to the headache -- tensing up in response to the pain.

    Sure hope the fever goes remits on its own and you get some answers for his pain!
  7. smallworld

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    I believe pseudo tumor is also diagnosed by spinal tap.
  8. Kjs

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    I am just realizing difficult child is TERRIFIED to go to school. I overheard him.
    Change has always been a challenge, setting him off.
    Here it is a new High School. Knows very few kids. Has to take a school bus
    for the first time in his life. AND his classes count as credits so he just can't blow it off.

    The neck pain I believe he has done himself. He is always trying to touch his chin to his chest, bopping his head up, down, sideways (he says he has to know if he has meningitis) this was before the word was ever mentioned. This is his biggest fear.

    Back pain - No idea.

    Never heard of the psuedo tumor. Just read on it. I questioned the doctors about his ct-scan last week, and previous MRI's and MRA's, if there is any change, any abnormalties. No. Everything normal. He was at the eye doctor (opthomalogist) in early August. He took a very very bright light and looked into his eyes. If there would be a tumor he said he would see the pressure on the back of the eyes.

    difficult child said that light hurt his eyes and he thinks that is when his headaches started.

    He hasn't wandered far today. He crossed the street and is sitting quietly with neighbors. These headaches and pain have really changed him. He would plan out his next day the previous day. He had so many people he would hang out with. Now..he is afraid of the headache. Scary.

    Thanks for your replies. I am so worried. both medically and about school. And of course the mound of medical bills piling up.

    Hope this post works. I am home now trying again to post.
  9. smallworld

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    Pseudo tumor isn't a real tumor -- it's a buildup of fluid that presents as a real tumor.
  10. ML

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    Oh Kjs, I'm so sorry. It sounds like he's experiencing intense anxiety right now. Bless his heart. It's so hard to watch them hurt. I will be relieved when the test results come back and rule out the scariest stuff.

    I will be looking for updates. Don't forget to take care of mom, too.

    Thinking of you,

  11. Big Bad Kitty

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    That poor kid. I am so sorry for him.
  12. KTMom91

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    Poor guy...hope he can get some relief from the headaches and the anxiety. Many hugs.
  13. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Is it possible his anxiety is triggering the migraines? And then the pain from that is creating even MORE anxiety? Which causes more migraines... and so on?

    Has he ever tried something like Ativan? I'm curious if that would help.