difficult child back to school today

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    and I'm a nervous wreck. Everytime the phone rings at work my stomach drops!! It's like I can't just trust that he'll be OK!! Here's hoping he can hold it together the rest of the week. Then they are out til Jan 6th!!!

    He's been fine at home the 5 days he's been suspended. He stayed with-friends while I worked. They had no trouble out of him at all. Why he can't behave like that at school I just don't understand.

    I saw his teacher on Friday as I was leaving with-daughter. She said sorry I didn't call you back the other day. The principal told me he talked to you so I didn't see the need to call you. I was so mad. I said well thanks for caring about me and my son. I know he gives you problems, but you could at least pretend to care. But, nows not the time to talk about this. Then I turned and walked away. UGHHH That right there proves to me that they are done with-him and are just looking for the smallest misstep on his part to slam the hammer on him. How we're going to make it til the end of the school year I just don't know.....
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    I'm sorry. I feel the same way with- difficult child. She was suspended for 6 days and I cringed every time I saw an email or got a call. I still get butterflies even now, a month later. The nurse called yesterday and first thing she says is "She is fine" LOL

    I don't know your situation on why he was suspended, but I can tell you that with- my difficult child we had uninanimously agreed to send her to get an evaluation (on SD) by a neuropsychologist. Her 2 teachers this year are phenominal, although I'm still not so sure I like the principal.

    Does he have an IEP? Is your IEP team willing to work with you at all? Are they asking for a manifestation hearing or due process to get him placed in another facility? The teacher obviously isn't willing to work with him and make his school career any easier. Wondering if maybe a change might be in his best interest.....I'm going blind at this - just stuff popping in my head at the moment. I'm sorry that I don't know the whole story.
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    Hi there. He does have an IEP. We haven't had major problems until recently. So, I *thought* things were being handled properly. (we've had issues with-the school/principal/teachers in the past, but this year was actually better!) They put in application for him to go to a day school associated with-the local mental health facility. Haven't heard back if he was accepted. They said there will problem be a waiting list. So, guess until that time they are just waiting for every little thing he does and slam him with-it. UGHHH I'm so sick of it!!

    He always hits rock bottom around Christmas though. I'm reading on here that it's common with-our kids for that to happen.

    So, did the school system pay to have your difficult child evaluated by a neuropsychologist??
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    I justed wanted to tell you I hope he makes it through alright for you!! My difficult child has been kicked out of three daycares so I definitly can relate to that feeling of nervousness!! I still hate it when my phone rings and I know its the babysitter calling... :(
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    We're still in the process - have a mandatory meeting (by law) on Thurs but my advocate says the district people have already approved it, we just need this meeting to appease the lawmakers.
    Ask your IEP team about an evaluation. When is his IEP due?
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    We just had his IEP meeting in Nov.....