difficult child broke her wrist

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  1. StressedM0mma

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    On Wed. She was at riding lessons, and she was cantering her horse. The horse tripped, and went down. difficult child of course went down with her. And now we have a cast to the shoulder. With a thumb spike. She cannot dress herself, put on her shoes, or put toothpaste on her toothbrush. She was doing really well for the first day or two. She finally had the meltdown. And boy was it a good one. Screaming kicking yelling pounding the cast on the floor. She even took my bread knife and tried to saw it off. And the tears. She was sobbing. She just kept saying "it wasn't my fault." I felt terrible about it. She kept screaming that she was going to get it off. Telling me I HAD to take her to the ER, that someone there would cut it off if I told them to. This was at about 8 or so. I finally got her to settle when I explained to her that no one would be there at night, and that I would wake her up in the morning and take her to the ER. That helped her settle. She just sat in her chair and cried.

    Once she was all the way calmed down, she told me she didn't need to go to the ER tomorrow. She could wait until her Ortho. appointment. on Thursday.
    She did ask me if I would call Monday morning to see if there were any openings before Thurs. I told her I would call Mon. morning as soon as they opened.

    I also think her Abilify started to kick in for the night. She is now calmed down eating her popcorn watching Family Guy. Here is hoping that she can hold it together until Thurs.
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    Poor thing! That would drive me crazy, too. I have a thing about feeling trapped and not being able to move freely. Is is her dominant arm? How come the cast is so extensive?
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    No way! I'm sorry she has to go thru that. ( and that you do). Hope she holds it together.
  4. InsaneCdn

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    The other side of this is... it forces her to NEED you in a physical way. She might be fighting against that part of it... but it may actually be of benefit in the short-term and long-term. Take this opportunity to "baby" her a bit...
  5. StressedM0mma

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    I am trying to baby her a little, but man is it hard. We go from I can do this!!! to MOM!!!!! I need you to hook my bra! At this point she can't even put deodorant on or shave that armpit.
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    Poor thing and poor you. Not fun to have to have your mom help with personal things and then for you to have to spend even more time doing for her! Hang in there, maybe she will appreciate you more in the long run!
  7. Rabbit

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    Hang in there! I know its hard for you and her. U both will be in my prayers. Hugs Rabbit
  8. TerryJ2

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    ugh. Pain and claustrophobia.
    She's not mad at the horse, is she?