difficult child-bro's wedding this Saturday

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  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    And what a Memorial Weekend this will be!

    I've got the sitter lined up for my kids... husband just has to email her mom to get directions to her house so he can pick her up on Saturday afternoon.

    I've got to do some cleaning up around here tomorrow so the sitter isn't totally grossed out ;) Have to find the charger for husband's compact digital camera so we can take pictures... Need to steam some wrinkles out of my dress... I've got my monthly afternoon bunco group at 11:30... then after I pick up the kids from school, I'm splurging to get my nails done. :nails:
    Saturday morning getting my hair cut and colored (the gray roots just won't fly). :hairy:

    Then I've got to dash home, get dressed for the wedding and head over to the bride's mom's house 30 miles away where the bride and her other bridesmaides (of which I am now officially one) are doing their makeup, getting dressed and taking a few pictures with the photographer. Then we're all getting in a limousine to be taken to the ceremony on a blufftop overlooking the ocean. Hopefully the holiday beach traffic won't be too horrific -- but we're leaving about 2 hours before the ceremony to be safe, and the location is not a beach access area, so that should help. husband is supposed to make his way there on his own from our house (about a 40 mile drive to a place he's never been... I'm a bit nervous about that part for him -- he's a tad directionally challenged).

    :couple:After the ceremony, husband and I will follow the limousine down the coast to the reception at sailing club. We'll have to stop back at the mom's house on our way home to pick up the other car.

    I'm exicted and a teeny bit nervous -- I don't know any of difficult child-bro's friends. I don't know any of his bride's family (met her mom once). I feel like I'm going to a stranger's wedding that my parents will just happen to be at. :anxious: And possibly my mom's two brothers and their wives. As far as I know, that's the only family difficult child-bro invited. (So out of the 100 or so guests, a total of 8 are from difficult child-bro's side of the family.)

    Oh cripes, I hope we aren't all lumped at one table! I don't know if I can take a five-hour reception with my difficult child-dad -- imagine Archie Bunker with a little borderline, paranoid, panic disorder and agoraphobia thrown in to make things interesting. :faint: Plus, he's on oxygen 24/7. Even if he manages to not make an :censored2: of himself with some inappropriate comment, there's a good chance he'll decide he wants to leave early -- unless he takes plenty of Xanax that day. Because when he wants to leave, he wants to leave NOW. No warning, no concern about how it affects others. He's downright obnoxious. My poor mom... she's already told me if he pulls that on her she'll either take him home and come back or call him a cab. I personally vote for the cab.

    Anyway... It will be a very memorable weekend, no matter what happens! I plan to eat, drink, and have a good time! :cheers:And with any luck, I'll get to SLEEP IN on Sunday!! (Oh yeah, and we're going to sister in law#1's house Sunday afternoon for the holiday and her birthday which is Tuesday -- so YEAH, no cooking for me!!!)

    Found out the two lovebirds are leaving Tuesday for 10 days in NYC. I think they'll try to catch a taping of David Letterman, so I'll have to be sure and watch next week. :laugh:
  2. Abbey

    Abbey Spork Queen

    Sounds like a fun filled weekend!! (I love bunco)

  3. lovemysons

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    Wow, what ALOT going on. Sounds like it will be quite a busy and eventful weekend. I hope your dad is on his best behavior and that all goes well for difficult child bro's wedding.

  4. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Okay, got the nails done, got the wrinkles out of the dress (borrowed a friend's steamer) -- the wrinkles on the face are another story... got the fancy pantyhose (OMG, I haven't worn pantyhose in years...) to coordinate with the shoes and dress, got the car "washed" at one of those quickie drive-thru places -- didn't win a thing a bunco, but hey, I got lunch!

    My final and most glorious transformation will be complete by noon tomorrow (Quick! Somebody take a picture before my dazzling beautification disappears!):lady:

    Still haven't found husband's camera charger -- and we will probably be taking more pictures with our cameras than we thought because difficult child-bro's buddy, who they apparently asked to be their "photographer", suddenly can't seem to even find his flippin' CAMERA!!! I understand they're trying to stretch their dollars and stay on a budget (her mom's doing the flowers and the food for the reception (yikes -- she's gonna collapse when this is over), but when I got married, the one thing I didn't cut corners on was hiring a professional photographer who signed a CONTRACT and showed up with his gear to do the job we hired him to do. Ugh. Somehow (according to my mom) they think my difficult child-Dad will be able to take pictures for them... well I think this is the moment when difficult child-bro will finally realize what a difficult child-Dad we both have. Between his shaky hands from all his medications, his 24/7 oxygen tank, and his rapidly declining memory and mental acuity... Hoo-boy. This oughtta be interesting.

    I just hope sister in law-to-be-#4 remains blissfully unaware of all the drama and is able to enjoy her day with difficult child-bro. She deserves to be Queen-for-a-Day without any carp!:queen:
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    Hoping things go well. Sounds like you could have lots of stories for us afterward. Can't wait. Family things especially big ones can be soooooooo interesting whether it be good, bad or indifferent there is usually a good story to be told after.

    I think I have mentioned I have one of those directionally challenged husband people too. I will be sending good thoughts that he doesn't get lost.

    Have fun.