difficult child claims she found an apartment

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by dashcat, Apr 20, 2013.

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    It's actually a mother-in-law suite (with her own entrance, kitchen, living space) in a small community about 8 miles away. Rent is nominal ($200 per month) IF she agrees to babysit a few nights per week. Property is owned by a signle dad who owns a poopular business in town. I don't know him,but I know enough people around his business to check him out. Dad has custody of three boys, all under the age 8.

    While this has many possiblities of being not a good thing ... it has potential to be a good thing. It's furnished, except for a bed . It is in a very safe area,...

    I said very little, but did say that she needed to work out, in writing, what his "babysitting" expectations would be.

    I'm also nervous about her renting from a single, older, man ... but her behavior in that area has been long out of my hands.

    What has me feeling a bit relieved is that she did this on her own. She found the place, made the call, and is handling it. She can afford the rent. She said she can move in next week.

    We'll see. I know she could not go on here ... i pray this is a tiny step toward responsibility and independence.

    Cross fingers, everyone!
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    Pretzeling that it works out well.
  3. Dash - I totally see why you might have misgivings about this but hang on to that hope that it IS a step towards responsibility and independence. I will say that my initial misgivings were that he was a man but at least he is single and not married. That could be worse.

    Hoping that it works out and she makes the right decisions.

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    I like it. :O)

    I like that difficult child found it on her own. This means she will want to do well at it. If the man owns a popular business, he probably isn't going to risk his reputation by behaving badly with a young girl.

    Very happy for this new development, Dash.

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    There's way more good than not-good to the situation. He's letting her go month to month, so there's no lease involved. If the babysitting demands are too much, she won't be tied in. Being mostly furnished is also great (even a TV, washer and dryer and a microwave!), so her initial expenses will be minimal. I do think it's odd that he would offer her this deal after only one meeting ... can you imagine doing that with small children? However, This really is her call. The boundary I established was that she could not live HERE by the end of the month. I did not tell her where she should/could go and I 'm not about to interfere on any level.

    Because of her history with lying, though, I will completely believe it when I see it. In the meantime, I will simply hope for the best.
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    It sounds good actually. If she is telling the truth...HE said minimal babysitting. If he isnt comfortable with her, he can always find someone else. He may just try her out a few times to see how things go and then renegotiate the terms. He may already have a full time sitter but need a back up. You never know. A single dad could always use a back up I would think in case the full time one is sick.
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    The apartment sounds wonderful, Dash! What a deal! I hope that if the babysitting doesn't work out for whatever reason, he won't raise her rent to an unmaintable level. The best is she won't need to invest in much furniture.
    She pulled it together in the timeframe you established. That is remarkable.
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    I really hope this works out, it could be a very good thing. It's a very positive step that she found it on her own. I'm keeping fingers crossed that it's as good as it sounds.
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    Sounds good. I hope it works out, for both of you. Keeping everything crossed and sending all my good wishes and big hugs too.........