difficult child Comes Home Today

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Transparent, Dec 16, 2008.

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    The hospital called a bit ago wanting to know if we could come in for a group session because difficult child is getting released today. He's been there 7 days now. Last time he got released I was so excited and happy to have him back and now - not so much. I anticipate the worst and can't help but to. I'll be as positive as possible for him though - and for my husband. I asked the counselor at the hospital if she knew of any neuropsychs and she said "no". *sigh* I'll just have to call around - maybe the crisis center would know. :confused:

    I hope everyone is having a good day.
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    Good luck to you. Keep your chin up and hope all is well upon his arrival home. Maybe someone else at the hospital can give you a referral to a neuropsychologist?
  3. JLady

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    Hopefully you will be pleasantly suprised. Prayers said for you. Good luck.
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    Sending positive thoughts your way! I hope the transition goes smoothly and that you notice some improvement. Good luck. {{{HUGS}}}
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    I'm sorry things have been hard...I hope they get better for you and your family. I also hope you don't mind me asking how you were able to get him hospitalized? I mean what was the process as my ex-husband and I are trying to find options and this is one that might be viable for us.

    Good thoughts and wishes to you on this difficult day...I'm glad you have support.

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    :gingerbread:Welcome, Transparent. I don't think we've met.
    Here's a cup of hot cocoa and a cookie.

    I'm sorry that you're not looking forward to difficult child coming home. Didn't the hospital do anything for him? How did he behave there? (Sorry if I missed other posts about him.)

    Sounds like he doesn't have a good diagnosis and I agree, you should look for more testing, pronto.

    Good luck!
  7. Nancy423

    Nancy423 do I have to be the mom?

    Hey, I found a couple of neuropsychs looking at my insurance website (doctor's in network) try calling them to see if they have a listing.

    Hope all goes well for you....
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    The first time he was hospitalized, he'd threatened to shoot a classmate at school and he was suspended for half a day. We took him straight to the crisis center and they in turn suggested inpatient therapy. This time when he threatened to kill a classmate, we just took him straight to the hospital. Emergencies and behavioral emergencies are both treated in the ER. If you have a hospital near you with a good psychiatric ward for children, I'd go straight to the ER.

    Not really. They diagnosis'd him with depression last time he was there around Thanksgiving and my husband and I both feel that's way too broad of a diagnosis for him. We believe there's a whole lot more going on with him than depression. While he's there, he's a perfect angel (of course). They don't see his outbursts and his anger or hear his threats like we do. They didn't change anything this time. He's still got the same diagnosis and the same rx. Pitiful.

    I've been on the phone all day trying to get a neuro. The only 2 that I've found in our area (3 hours away) - one only tests kids with brain tumors and the other I'm not sure yet. The referring doctor that only tests kids with tumors said this doctor probably won't test either and last she knew they were backed up until March. *cry*

    Does anyone in the midwest/Missouri area have a name of a doctor for me? I'd be forever grateful if someone could post it or PM me with it. I found out yesterday that he threatened my 13yo with a steak knife and my 13yo said "you can't do that because you'll go to jail" and my difficult child said "not if I tell them you killed yourself". This was not long before Thanksgiving when he threatened the kids at school too. We DESPERATELY need HELP!
  9. Transparent

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    The second doctor called me back and said that if we're unsatisfied with the diagnosis after he sees the counselor and psychiatrist to call her back and she would schedule him for neuro testing. She too believes there's more going on than depression. Thank goodness - someone helping us move forward!
  10. Nancy423

    Nancy423 do I have to be the mom?

    If you want to come to the Chicago area, I could give you a few names....
  11. Jena

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    I"m sorry and I Hope for a smooth return home. Maybe you could check with major hospitals in the area, or your insurance carrier?? just a thought. sorry i didn't read everyone else's responses, if you got that idea already.

    I truly hope everything goes well. Hoping for the best for you.

  12. Transparent

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    I will definitely keep that in mind if the counselor/psychiatric and neuro in STL don't work out. We're willing to travel if we have to. Thank you so much.