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    difficult child called me last night, here is how conversation went. We have Celebrate Recovery at our church on Thursday, he had been attending this before all of this happens, plus an AA meeting he normally attends on Wednesday or Saturday (Rehab he attended, they have open AA meetings that guys still can go to).

    difficult child: "Hey mom, I really wanted to go to Celebrate Recovery and AA meeting, I just lost track of time and days". (I am thinking sure, you are on drugs, you would lose track of time). "I really did call Teen Challenge and the other rehab places you told me about, I am still staying with my friend and his mom. I got a job at Taco Bueno, I am going to be giving friend's mom money for taking me to work, plus I want to go to school." "I really think I can just work, go to school and get an apartment or maybe go to half way house - I haven't done pot all week - I am through with it." "By the way, did you go watch the video at Dollar General to prove I did not pull a knife on that guy"

    ME: "Does friend's mom know you were kicked out of house and shop lifted at Dollar General last weekend". "Why would I watch the video, you didn't steal from me this time, you stole from Dollar General. Plus they don't need a video, they probably had witnesses". "I don't think you are ready for school or work, I think you need rehab first".

    difficult child: "I did not do that, I just was showing him a package of lighters that was opened already and he accused me of trying to steal it" (Right!!) "I don't know why he is saying I pulled a knife on him". "This week police came to house I was staying at because lady's ex boyfriend showed up and she had protective order against him, I was a witness and signed my name, and then I asked police if they were looking for me, and they looked up my name and said "No" (Wow, he sure can make up some stories!!).

    ME: "I do not believe that story".

    difficult child: "I understand why you don't believe me, Mom, but you will see I am telling you the truth" (same statement you have made to me a million times before).

    Anyway, he is still in big time denial that he has a serious drug problem still. I just ended it telling him I love him and hope he makes the decision to go to rehab. If he did get that job, I doubt that he will keep it, he has not been able to keep any other job - Do they normally drug test for fast food jobs?
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    Oh I feel for you. Sounds like you handled it great.....I think it takes a while for them to realize they have a serious substance problem, especially if their main drug of choice is pot.

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    Change the name and that could have been a conversation between me and my difficult child a while back.

    You are doing well to not get sucked in.