difficult child Court update


Well my difficult child had court today. She was trying to get unsupervised weekend with her children. So paternal grandparents (have guardianship) my difficult child or her SO didnt show up. judge was not to pleased. Considering our difficult child was one to file papers. Both hubby and I figure she is trying to get her kids every weekend so when we go to court we cant get any visits but our court is getting closer May 28th. So I hope all goes well there. It is so frusterating how my difficult child can do all this to her children and to the rest of her family. MY granddaughter as me last night how come her cousin isnt here at our house when she comes to visit (6yrs). I did the best to explain it as good as I could I told her the 2 boys lived with other grandparents and we are trying to get the boys to visit us soon. what else could I say. Our granddaughter seemed ok with that. It breaks my heart when my granddaughters(8,6 & 4 yrd old) ask about the boys as they are all very close and were used to spending time together they are more like siblings than cousins it breaks everyones hearts in our family. the grandsons are 8 & 3 yrs old. It is so hard some days. I am so glad I found this board but truely is sad i had too


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How crazy! difficult child files the papers for the visitation and then doesn't show up to actually get the visitations? Did her lawyer show up on her behalf? What a waste of the courts time.

On a side note you guys being the only people willing to show up and fight for the kids will look good to the judge. I dont know how but I would see if that can't be introduced when you court date comes around.

Sorry you have to be here at all but glad you have a place to vent.