difficult child did a presentation in school!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Jan 31, 2008.

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    wow little one did the presentation in school today!! the cereal box book report we worked on last night. we've been up since last night at 3 a.m. she awoke nervous and talking about it and wide awake.

    i wrote the teacher a note and said ok rin's not doing it, don't push her if she wants to she will pls. respect me on this.

    so the teacher asked she raised her hand stood before the entire class and gave a presentation and got marked a 3 on it, top score 4. you think she could of thrown her extra point.

    amazing absolutely amazing. from the kid who wouldn't and still won't eat lunch in lunchroom everyday because she is afraid that others willl look at her.

    i know i take the good moments try not to taint them with the bad and enjoy them. so i took her out for chinese take out tonight and bought her flowers for her teacher that she wanted to bring in. she's on a high bigtime is smiling and jumpy seems like she can conquer the world right now. doens't look like she'll sleep anytime soon. i'm sure the school as astounded to say the least.

    not sure what this is, she's off abilify totally now for 2 days. sleep is less past two days and now this i almost fell over when she told me.

    i just told a friend and said ok we're up again this has happened before then without warning the crash comes. she said jen enjoy the good moments.

    ok so yea for her. :)

    she's so proud of herself too she's in her room hanging posters right now with-o me. so hard to switch gears when this happens she usually needs me for everything.

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    Wow enjoy the good times! Just like today it seem to start off bad for my ds and he turn it around after talking to me on the phone and had a perfect day. I was suprised I was waiting for the phone to ring!
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    yea to you too then!!!! my little one is now re organizing her drawers in room ok so i'm thinking we're in mania right now........

    well at least her drawers will get cleaned and organized.

    jen :) glad you had good day