difficult child did great!!!

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    Hi! I just wanted to brag about difficult child for a change---We all went to visit my parents for the 4th and if you guys remember there are a lot of issues going on there. We had rented rooms for us to stay instead of staying with family in case things got escalated we would have somewhere to go. I was kind of worried because easy child and difficult child had to share a room and even though they are old enough to stay alone the hotel put them clear on the other side of the hotel but they did really good. No fights!! We had a great visit with my parents and did get to see our oldest daughter (even though she is in bad situation --she did make the attempt to start fixing the relationship with us) No drunken mumbling from my brother and my sister stayed away her not to fight with me.
    They both had good conversations with my mom and dad --I'm really worried my mom isn't going to be with us much longer and difficult child has not seen her since Oct. before he got put away.
    He was doing good today until just a minute ago -but he got his braces off today, we picked up his new glasses and he got a haircut. So its a whole new difficult child.
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    I'm glad it went well; it gives some hope for the future. :thumbsup:
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    Great update!! It is awesome to hear a good update! The new glasses and no braces may have been just a little too much sensory stimulation. I hope the rest of his time at home is positive!!!
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    That "no fighting" is a huge stress relief (I know, mine did better than usual but still fought some on our trip with one major ugly fight). It is so nice when sibs can get along for awhile.

    I am glad your family worked to make the weekend enjoyable for your parents. I hope you can see your mom again soon.

    No braces, new glasses, and a haircut! Wow! I hope difficult child feels COOL!
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    Great news! Thanks for sharing :)
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    thanks for the positive news! We love sucess stories! Bet he looks "brand-new".