difficult child did o.k. at the visitation and funeral

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    We're back home and I thought I would update you on difficult child's behavior at the visitation and funeral. The visitation was on Thursday evening. Inside of the funeral home difficult child was very appropriate. At one point he went outside with our permission to play games (on his gameboy). We were all impressed that he did so well. However, we found out later he was really bothering my niece's husband outside instead of playing games. My one sister in law was very upset about it. We weren't thrilled but actually thought for difficult child he did better than expected. When he was bothering the husband it was difficult child's way of "having fun" because he loves the guy. However, for difficult child that means constant bothering and play punching etc...

    At the funeral things started out fine. Mostly in the first pew was husband's mom and children. One niece, who was delivering the eulogy, and me (I was doing the readings) also sat in the front pew with them. After about 1/2 of the Mass difficult child decided to join us. He was very fidgety, rude, and talkative but at least did all of that in a somewhat quiet mode. At that point I thought about taking him out but husband figured he was cause a bigger scene while we took him out and he was probably right.

    Overall, things went better than we expected, not great but not horrible. He decided to save the horrible stuff for this morning-argh-enough said for now.
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    I'm relieved to read that it went ok. I was thinking about you all yesterday and couldn't remember when the services were scheduled. Hope things chill out at home quickly. Hugs DDD
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    Glad he held it together as long as he did. Has he figured out what he's trying to work out of his system by acting up afterwards?
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    That is merely a reflection of the amount of effort it took for him to even reasonably hold himself together for the two previous days.
    It will probably take a couple of days to get past that - at least! (depending on the kid - you'll know yours better).
    Might help a little that there is no school until Tues... OR, maybe not if school-routine helps him settle down.
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    :bravo: I'm glad he did better than expected.
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    So glad to hear this.
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    Glad things went reasonably well, Sharon.
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    Glad there was a silver lining you could see in all of it. As sad as that sounds, sometimes we are just grateful that things aren't as bad as we know they could be. Welcome back ((((Hugs))))