difficult child different away from family


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Sometimes I feel as if difficult child CAN control himself more that he lets on. When difficult child is with others (not family) they tell me about how well he acted. They say he talks non-stop - but he is fine otherwise. But when he is around family, especially when he is at home, he can be a total monster! I just don't understand. I think he hates me! Then, he will come and sit in my lap and watch tv with me or sit by me at the table and talk. I am screwed up!! GEEZ!!


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I have recently started thinking that my son has a lot more control over his behavior than we think as well. The fact that he can be fine with some people and totally out of control with others makes me see him as very manipulative. He is horrible at home, yet seems to be able to maintain when he is with other people. He is also diagnosis with ADHD and bipolar but is much younger (6) He seems to be best behaved when with people who fall all over him,give him whatever he wants and do not discipline.(Those people being my in-laws)
My formerly gfgdau was never officially diagnosed with anything other than being a total brat. At times, the docs did say ODD but we could never stick with that because while she met the requirements of ODD at HOME WITH ME, outside the house she was a perfect angel. Sociable, good at school, responsible with schoolwork, good friends, friends mother's loved her, never had a problem that was not in our home or with me.

I finally realized that with my particular difficult child, she had a LOT of control over her behaviour, which she chose not to use when she was with me.....

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I don't think it is that uncommon that they act up more at home. When my difficult child was younger he couldn't hold it together in any environment, now he does much better holding it together away from us and with-visitors (still not perfect). I think part of it is he tries so hard all day to hold it together and then it all comes out.