difficult child discharged from psychiatric hospital

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    So she was discharged today. With the new diagnosis's: Mood d/o not otherwise specified, Anxiety d/o not otherwise specified, ADHD, and of course "parent-child relational issue" which they would not change. They say the thing that I have done that has led to clinically significant deficiets is "overprotection" because I have created an environment where the likelihood of a meltdown is lower. Basically because I help her not have a meltdown. I maintain they are stupid. The only spent 30 minutes on 2 occasions with me and difficult child and it was meetings not observing our visits.

    New medications: Seroquel 100 twice a day and Adderall XR 10 mg in am.

    I am very cautious about the adderall, because regardless of what they say, difficult child is bipolar and enough docs have stated so. Stimulants can be dangerous with BiPolar (BP) kids. They don't like to diagnosis a child with BiPolar (BP) ever. So whatever. They also said they don't really see any Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), they say the anxiety d/o may really account for that. I'm not so sure. But again, I maintain they are stupid. So even if they are right, I probably wouldn't believe it anyway.

    difficult child is home tonight and is still oppositonal but not aggressive. Home based services intake is friday morning. Who knows if that will do anything. Today I am tired of being on this road. I just want average. I know there are a million reasons why average stinks. And that Abbey has depth, insight, and a uniqueness that is amazing. But today, I just want average.
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    hmmmm they tried the "parental" excuse with me too, I had to remind them I was no where near him when he attaked his prinicipal!!