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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Christy, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Christy

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    We are happy to have him home and hopeful that he is stable. We have had several extended, off-grounds visits this past week so we have been able to get a pretty good gauge of his mood. He is pleasant and mellow, infact a little too mellow at times (trying not to fall asleep in the afternoons). He is also having some nausea which we hope will pass. I will give it a few days and then see if changes need to be made.

    The good news is that he went into psychiatric hospital on four medications and came out on three. Serequel was discontinued. Clonidine was traded for Tennex and his geodone and trilleptal were both raised slightly and the dosing was spread out to four doses rather than two.

    The psychiatrist felt that Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)-not otherwise specified should be added to his diagnosis after talking to him and observing his interactions with peers. We have also felt that this diagnosis fit difficult child but the neuropsychologist we had done last November noted speech and language delays and executive function problems but did not indicate Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD). I think this may have been because difficult child is often fairly appropriate with adults but has awful social skills amoung his peers. At any rate, we will seek an additional evaluation with a neuropsychologist if we can get insurance to go for it.

    This week, I have an iep meeting to get difficult child back in school, we homeschooled last year. I am hoping they will assign at least a temporary one-to-one assistant due to difficult child's running incidents. Wish me luck!

  2. Andy

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    I am so glad he is back home. Hopefully the naseau is just a side effect to the medications and that he will adjust quickly. Have the psychiatric hospital staff or difficult child reviewed any coping skills he can work on? Good luck with the IEP plans - make sure whatever coping skills difficult child is working on is included (such as, my difficult child was allowed to go to a quiet corner and journal his feelings when things got rough at school. I am hoping to get him a stress eraser before school starts and I will have the school staff allow him to use it when trouble starts.).
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    This sounds like some good changes were made. The Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)-not otherwise specified diagnosis will open the door (or should) to some interventions and hopefully with the school.

    Sending good vibes for a successful IEP meeting.

  4. Christy

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    Thanks Andy and Heather!

    Yes I am hoping the Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)-not otherwise specified will help him to aquire more services at school. We do have a lot of coping skills in place but the psychiatric hospital suggested something to try. It's a calming box. Inside are things that will help difficult child to calm. Markers and paper, stress ball, small scented pillow, maybe a walkman to listen to music (but unless he buys into it, it would end up getting broken in an angry fit).

    Andy, what is a stress eraser??? Sounds interesting.

  5. Andy

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    Go to www.stresseraser.com.

    difficult child's therapist introduced us to it. The kids will look at it like a handheld game. In order to win, they have to be relaxed. difficult child used it during one session and did very well. I read the web site yesterday - you are encouraged to work it 3X per day and earn 100 points each day.

    I have been dragging my feet ordering it because of the cost ($300). I have a credit card debt that is way higher than I ever planned and really don't want to add $300 to it. I was thinking of calling them for the exact cost and send a check though they wait until the check clears before shipping and I want the item within the next 3 weeks. His birthday is Sept 3rd and school starts the week before. I think I better just charge it and make the $300 payment to the credit card. I will get it before school starts as his birthday gift.
  6. Christy

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    Thanks Andy
    That looks really cool. I'd love to try one out and see if difficult child would use it. The price is steep but if it would help difficult child to breathe and relax, it would be money well spent. I'm going to check into it!
  7. Calgon_Take_Me_Away

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    Sounds like a promising start! Hope things continue to go well at home and his strategies work!
  8. klmno

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    Just wanted to send support and HUGS and well-wishes!! Sometimes a psychiatric hospital stay doesn't help in ways we think it will, but it gives an opportunity for us to re-group and try again. I hope things go smoothly for you and difficult child the rest of the summer and the school year!!
  9. witzend

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    Christy, have you posted on the Special Education forum about how to go about getting an IEP set up? It may be getting late in the summer to get them to want to talk to you. I bet that they have some good ideas for how to get help, and how to make it work until you can get something concrete set up.
  10. Christy

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    Thanks everyone I appreciate the kind words.

    I have posted on sped board about some of the iep issues. difficult child has been out of school for one year but prior to that, he had an extensive iep and was in a specialized self-contained program. My concern with the program was that it focused too much on behavior and not enough on academics. Teaching difficult child is no easy task but if there is one thing I am sure of after this past year is that difficult child is quite capable of learning. It takes a lot of prompting and most likely one-to-one support but it can be done. I am taking an advocate and his behavior support specailist and we are going to push for the assistant.
  11. Glad difficult child is home. Good luck with the adjustment and with the IEP meeting.

  12. Shari

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    Glad to hear things are on the up.

    Also wanted to mention those squiggle pens or spinning flashlight things you buy from Oriental Trading - has he tried any vibrating things for calming? Don't work for all, but they're great for wee difficult child and the squiggle pen can be used without anyone even being aware.
  13. klmno

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    So, how did today go?
  14. TerryJ2

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    Good luck with-school!
    Sounds very promising.
    Yours is one of the few notes I've found that sounds like the psychiatric hospital visit was constructive. Way To Go. (That's not to slalm anyone or other psychiatric hospital, just an observation.)
  15. jannie

    jannie trying to survive....

    I'm glad he's home. Fingers crossed all goes well....What type of follow up did they suggest?
  16. Wiped Out

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    I'm glad he is home and good luck with the sd.
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    welcome home to your difficult child !!!

    My difficult child I and difficult child II are now both on clonodine, it seems to help stop them from going full rage, so far (knock, knock)