difficult child does not like psychiatrist

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by crazymama30, Sep 26, 2007.

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    This is only a problem when we have an appointment, like this morning. When I ask him why he does not like him, he says "he's gay" (do not mean to offend anyone and he is not) If I ask for more detail he says "he's stupid" I like him. He listens, and responds quickly to any questions/issues we have had. I am wondering if it is just that going to see psychiatrist makes difficult child feel different? Maybe too he does not like missing school, or more precisely recess. This bothers me, as I like/respect psychiatrist, and I cannot get a straight answer out of difficult child. When we are at the appointment he is nice/ok with the doctor, so at least he is not out and out rude.

    Has anyone had this problem? Any opinions?
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    well at last wks psychiatrist appointment my son thru the chairs around, tore the box of tissues up and pushed her panic button several times after being told to stop. all this after 10 mins of chasing him around the bldg to even get him in her room. don't ask me what set him off but he told his therapist that he just doesn't like her. ah the joys, the joys! at least we only see the psychiatrist every 2 mths.
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    My difficult child hated every psychiatrist who he couldn't snow. EVERY psychiatrist who actually did anything to help him. I heard the "he's gay", "he's a pervert because he looks down girls shirts" :)censored:??? difficult child never saw him around any girls and didn't know any girls who had seen the psychiatrist??)

    Any doctor who said that difficult child needed to do some work, not just wait for a magic pill to "fix" him was hated.

    If your gut says this psychiatrist is helping, listen to it. I always say follow your instincts. I listen to my kids' opinions on their docs, but the final decision is mine. That is what parents do.

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    Thanks guys, Susie you just said what I have been thinking, but it is hard when they throw a fit when it is time to go. He is fine while we are there, answers questions and is a little wound while we are there.

    I will continue as I have been, and he can just deal with it. We do not have to go back for 3 mos., so at least it will not come up for a while.