difficult child doing well is his new living situation

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Well it has been 5 months now, we have had 2 incidents of physcial aggression, 3 incidents of damaging propery, and 2 incidents of "running away". Have been through 1 room mate that is no longer there because his issues became too severe for this house.
On a positive note, my difficult child is leaving the house with staff to go grocery shopping every other day or so. He would never even leave the house when he was here. He seems "happy" for the most part. He isn't saying he wants to kill himself daily. He is so handsome when he smiles. It has been so long. We went up and took him, and he invited his staff, to supper last night. He was wonderful. Polite and for the most part clean, only just a few incidents of name calling, when he got anxious.
According to difficult child there is a "potential" room mate looking at the house. And "he has Asperger syndrome too". Hopefully it will be a much better match then the previous one. He actually seems pleased about it.
It has been heart wrenching having him away from home. But, all things considered he has adjusted quite well. Better than husband and I, even tho, I must say, it is so nice not being called all kinds of vulgar names, and just to be able to relax when I get home is wonderful. I am quickly adjusting. :)


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">But, all things considered he has adjusted quite well. </div></div>

I'm so pleased for you, SOSO. You're looking at 7 situations out of 150 days. We should all be so lucky to have those odds when our kids are living at home.

I hope that you will continue with your adjustment and enjoy the peace. It seems that this was the best route to follow for all concerned.



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Sameoldsameold, I am so glad tht you have finally found some comfort and peace in your own home. I am hoping to find a place such as the one your difficult child is staying at for my son when he gets out of prison. For me there will be no adjustment period as my difficult child has been out of my house for a year now. I am now working on getting easy child 2 (who is a bit of a difficult child) out and on his own also. I truly cannot wait for the empty house. It will be nice to be just a gathering place for holidays and other happy occasions.
I want to just be able to live in peace and have them visit. I am tired of being in the trenches 24/7. Enjoy your new life!
your difficult child is where he will be supervised and looked after. YOU DID GOOD!!! Now it is your turn to relax. -RM

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Thanks Suz,

7 situations out of 150 days does not sound bad at all. It would be wonderful if we could get them to behave like that in our own homes, would't it.

Rejected mom,

Your right, it will be so nice just to have them around for holidays and happy occasions. I can watch tv now or read or sleep or whatever, it is nice. I felt quilty for awhile but I knew in my heart that this is what he needed, and time is proving that.

Thanks to you both for your kind words. It means so much.



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sherri, I am glad you ahve succeeded in getting him into a supported living home. sometimes it is the next best thing after being under the parents' roof. it is a step to being more independent of the family.