difficult child driver in S. Korea?

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    She's certainly persistent. I wonder if she can read? I'm thinking that flunking the test is a very good thing ...


    SEOUL, South Korea (Feb. 5) - A woman in South Korea who has taken the written exam required for a driver's license nearly every day since 2005 has failed again — but is hoping attempt No. 772 will be the charm.
    The aspiring driver took her first test in April 2005, according to Choi Young-chul, an official at the North Jeolla Province driver's license agency in Jeonju, 150 miles south of Seoul.
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    She has taken the test a record 771 times, most recently on Monday, but has yet to pass. She said she plans to take the test again but did not say when, he said Thursday.
    The 68-year-old has spent $3,000 on fees for the test, he said. Applicants must score at least 60 on the written exam before they can get behind the wheel for a driving test. Choi says she's scored as high as 50.
    "I feel sorry every time I see Cha fail. When she passes, I'll make a memorial tablet myself and give it to her," Park Jung-seok, a traffic police officer at the agency, told the Korea Times newspaper.
    No other details about her identity were released other than her family name, Cha.
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    THAT is determination, don't you think? I wonder if it is a learning disorder or test anxiety/poor test taking skills that makes this so hard for her.
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    I'm thinking a generalized Learning Disability (LD).