difficult child finially gets her iep in process

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    Hey Everyone,

    We had no internet for almost 3 weeks. So much has happened.

    Lets see, first she is not prego. Thank goodness. First week of school.
    day 4 she gets into a fight with this girl started with words they almost have difficult child out of the lunch room and she does a 360 and charges the girl starts punching on her, I get a call at work they are arresting her can I come down. I head down to school, sign papers and they take her to the detention center her arrainement is the next morning. Lucky her gets off with a warning, because she seems like a nice kid quote un quote. she is suspend as far as we knew for 10 days the principal calls me and says

    I want to recommend her being expelled from school this is Monday Morning, we go to the hearing and the superintendant says I agree she is expelled do we have anything to add..

    I tell them she is adhd & odd. they both principal & super of school look at each other and says that changes everything. And they will start an iep asap. They started the iep 2 days later and she is aloud in school to go threw the testing. I spoke to the lady at the school that does the testing and she believes their is more going on than anyone realizes. Meaning she has another disorder that everyone has missed. She will finish her testing and then I will take all the information they have gathered to childrens hospital and see if they can make heads and tails of what is going on.

    Once iep is complete they will evaluate her class and get her back into school..

    I cant believe how they changed their toon once I mentioned what has been going on. And I have mentioned everything to her guidance counclor before school started and she said well bring in the paper work for the iep and we have 3 months to test her. then all hell breaks loose and they are testing her the with in days of wanting to expell her.

    48 hours after she is released from the detention center at 12:30 at night a cop is at my door because her and her friends are breaking curfew. and if she does it 3 times I spend 2/3 days in jail.. she was supposed to be spending the night at a friends house and mom wasnt home yet.. Grrrr

    their was some more drama but i'm tired of typing so I will wait on that.

    Other than that everything is peachy.

    thanks for listening. Charmed
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    Lets see, first she is not prego. Thank goodness.

    Praise God, Hallellujah!!! I was getting worried when we had not heard from you!!!

    I can relate on the drama and lack of help from the authorities! My difficult child I is off house arrest and on probation for the next 18 months, and I doubt it will be long b4 he violates!